Facebook Messenger: disable SMS function – Here’s

With the current version of the Facebook Messenger and SMS can now be sent via the app and receive. In this guide we show you how you can disable the Facebook SMS function.

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Disable Facebook Messenger SMSWho might not accurately read after the last Facebook Messenger Update or simply pushed too fast Accept has perhaps been wondering why the text messages are suddenly opened the Facebook Messenger. one can distinguish the conventional Messenger chat from the SMS function only on Design: The Messenger continues to be held in Facebook blue, while the SMS function comes in purple. For people who receive a lot of text messages and send, this of course has the advantage that they need not switch the app to have all messages at a glance. But who would like to do without this feature, the new SMS feature also back off.

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Facebook Messenger: disable SMS function

Whom it aussreicht that the social network has already aud his omniscient eye directed the messenger chat and WhatsApp conversations that can also disable the Facebook SMS function to happiness again. For this you proceed as follows:

  1. Facebook SMS disable default appOpens the Facebook Messenger on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. On the home you now tap on the profile picture icon (top right) to go to your profile settings.
  3. Wipes to the menu item SMS down and type this at once.
  4. Now you have to tap for SMS the switch beside the point default app to put him on (blue) on disabled (gray).
  5. Last you must still on Android back your default app for SMS reception to select.

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Facebook SMS function may occur due costs

Although the SMS will still billed through your normal contract and should verusachen no additional cost, a problem may present MMS. So if you sent pictures or similar files on the wrong window and only noticed too late that the Messenger purple and blue is not so, you have quickly sent an MMS, in addition verusachen costs in many mobile phone contracts.

Those who want to avoid the confusion, reference should therefore also explains the SMS dispatch via the Facebook Messenger as the instructions above, turn off.


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