“Reverb”: Amazon Alexa on Android, iOS and macOS – no response needed

Now you can also try without echo Alexa: The free app "Reverb" docked on to Amazon's "Alexa Voice Service" and brings the digital assistant Alexa numerous devices. We tried Reverb on an iPhone 5s and Galaxy S7.

"Reverb": Amazon Alexa on Android, iOS and macOS - no response needed

Who wants to use Alexa, an Amazon Echo / Echo Dot does not necessarily have set, but can now take advantage of an existing smart phone or a computer to do so. The desired terminal is indicated by "reverb" to a kind of virtual echo Dot. How is that possible? The developer of the app access to the programming interface "Alexa Voice Service API," provides that Alexa capabilities.

Reverb turns an Android smartphone a virtual Amazon Echo Dot

Reverb is currently available for macOS, iOS and Android - a Windows version there is unfortunately not. We were able to install the app without any problems, the only condition is the access to the Amazon account. After that Reverb - or rather Alexa - ready to go. In our case on an iPhone 5s and Galaxy S7.

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Reverb for Amazon AlexadownloadQR codeReverb for Amazon AlexaDeveloper: Rain *Price: Free
Reverb for Amazon AlexadownloadQR codeReverb for Amazon AlexaDeveloper: rain.agencyPrice: Free

88627Amazon Echo: Alexa Voice service introduced

To access Alexa, you have to press in reverb on the circle icon, speak and let go at the end. initially followed the first requests disillusionment on "How the weather is?" Although answers the now familiar voice of Alexa - but unfortunately the weather forecast for Seattle, USA (headquarters of Amazon.com, Inc.). We ask for directions to Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Alexa explains: Very sad - but fortunately you can help out as a little 'directions are not currently supported. ".

We look into the personal Alexa settings, either in the browser (alexa.amazon.de) *"Reverb": Amazon Alexa on Android, iOS and macOS - no response needed or via app (Amazon Alexa) can be called. There is basic information such as the device location, time zone, and the unit used (metric) can be deposited. Thus Alexa is at least a little more intelligent and can make us appropriate information on the weather.

Amazon AlexadownloadQR codeAmazon AlexaDeveloper: AMZN Mobile LLC *Price: Free
Amazon AlexadownloadQR codeAmazon AlexaDeveloper: Amazon Mobile LLCPrice: Free

The second tip we use should help us with directions. If we Alexa itself can not give information, then maybe one of their skills? We activate the skill BVG (Berlin public transport) *"Reverb": Amazon Alexa on Android, iOS and macOS - no response needed and ask again, but this time a little differently: "Alexa, ask BVG. How do I get to Alexanderplatz ". Now Alexa can help indirectly and reads us a suitable underground route proposal.

There are countless skills, which can be extended Alexa: Radio, PONS Advanced dictionary, calculator, Tado, Philips Hue and many more. An overview of the skills can be found directly from Amazon.

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Reverb is only partly what Alexa

Reverb makes an iOS or Android smartphone into a full Amazon Echo replacement? No, unfortunately not. Chance never or only seconds later responded to requests Reverb. Nor are Alexa's capabilities in conjunction with Reverb too limited (directions), as well as access to Spotify and Amazon Music is not currently supported - alternatively to Kodi offers to play some music. Let's just hope that an update at these points nachbessert.
KodidownloadQR codeKodiDeveloper: XBMC FoundationPrice: Free

What can afford Reverb currently Firstly an insight into the workings of Alexa give, if only to a limited extent. Secondly - and this is the ideal situation - replace Amazon Echo / Echo dot at the places where you indeed wish for speech recognition, but would like to install any hardware. A smartphone you wherever you go, so you can control with Alexa from the garage off the light in the kitchen or activate the motion detector in the apartment when one is already sitting in the car. Reverb is for people interested Alexa definitely worth a try.

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