Mass Effect – Andromeda: All side missions and their localities

You come pretty quickly after Aya in Mass Effect: Andromeda. H-047C find her as soon as her Ramav system have discovered and will be guided in the context of the missions there. Both places do not offer a lot of side missions, so we combine both of you on one side. By the way, it is in these planets around beautiful landscapes which offer a pleasant change from the previous Eos.

Aya: Heleus tasks

The planet Aya is the refuge of Angara and provides an active relic site. There is sufficient water, which particularly benefits the flora. Since it is almost a pity that there is to complete a few side missions.

side questLocality and conditions
the Vesalius•&# 8221; Task: The angaranische Initiative&# 8221; to lock.
• Aya: With Ambassador Rialla (Location: by the office of the Governor to the embassy of Andromed initiative) speak.
mutual pleasure• On Aya arrive and speak with Evfra.
• Aya: (Angara near the docking area) Talk to Sohkaa Esof.
safe travel• On Aya build a message of Andromeda initiative.
• Aya: With Maariko speak (the captain's office at the docks).
Rediscovery of the past• Landing on Aya and talk to Evfra.
• Aya: Talk to Avela Kjar (at the docks or in the museum).
forgotten history•&# 8221; rediscovery of the past&# 8221; to lock.
• Speak again Avela Kjar.
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H-047C: Heleus tasks

Your Nomad is your home on H-047C and you can not leave the vehicle. In another guide we show you how you can return to the Tempest again. On this planet, it is highly recommended to deal a little bit with the mining industry, as there are very many minerals here. This planet is somewhat reminiscent of a moon and maybe you will see evidence of an earlier population.

In addition to missions in Mass Effect AndromedaYour Nomad will you serve well on H-047C.
side questLocality and conditions
From the dust• In the Galaxy the Remav system unlocked.
• On H-047C arrived.
• To the west of the dome (the same dome that her under travel &# 8220; breaking rocks in the service of science&# 8221; commits)
• interact with the data pad at selected rock.
The relic mill•&# 8221; From the Dust&# 8221; to lock.
• Starts then automatically.

You will encounter H-047C on little creatures because the destroyed atmosphere allows no life. There are only the two side missions to H-047C. So you will not have to spend a lot of time and you can already prepare for the Heleus tasks on Voeld.


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