NBA 2K18: small forward build – LeBron 2.0

As a small forward in NBA 2K18 you have a good chance of getting a good all-rounder or unique key player for your team. You can be both one of the best dunker and defender or take fine throws. We know some of the strong small forward builds so can start your way to 99!

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Before the first Disskusionen break: We are aware that parting of the ways with LeBron, but one can not deny that the man has worked out well the occasional dunk. We present you on this page small forward builds and you can your tips and hints like to add in the comments.

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Build small forward in NBA 2K18

As a small forward you are responsible for the points. You can also set you naturally defensive, but we do not give you a build for this. Do you want to be a strong defense, we would recommend you rather have a big man or point guard. With our small forward builds the ball handling plays a major role, as you will definitely need these archetypes.

NBA 2K18 small forward BuildAs a small forward you are responsible for scoring in NBA 2K18.

The small forward is very popular with many players, as there are many stars in the NBA in that position and he is both mobile and assertive. You can use many dribble moves and tear spectacular dunks. Then there are the opportunities for post scoring or different litters. The biggest problem at small forward, that you have to decide you&# 8230;

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Slashing small forward

As Slasher you jump across the opponent or dunkt them in the face! In addition, you feel players to want to pull the basket a constant urge. Therefore, you should bring a lot of height and some weight so you can not be too simple blocked out. For the slasher build, you should keep this in mind:

  • Primary Skill: Penetration and completion
  • Secondary Skill: Passing and ball handling
  • Size: 2.05 &# 8211; 2.10 meters
  • Mass: 105 kg
  • Span: high

This small forward build you can you play out a lot of chances themselves and complete impressive. Do you want the achieve höhsten dunking values, can choose their alternatively twice penetration and completion. Do you want to give a little more weight your throws, you must replace Wurfkreierung or 3-point throws her ball handling.

NBA 2K18 small forward BuildMakes you a name as a mega small forward!

Shooting small forward

This build is more for fans of jump shots. A clear shooter is rather unusual for a small forward, but you have the advantage that he can throw about other players away because his height gives him an advantage. Eighth that your shooting small forward is quite light so it reaches high velocity values ​​and does not need as much physique.

  • Primary Skill: Wurfkreierung / 3 points
  • Secondary Skill: Passing and ball handling / 3 points
  • Size: 2:00 meters
  • Mass: 92 &# 8211; 95 kg
  • Span: Low mean in order for the rolls to be improved from the dribbling.

Even if this build specialized in throwing, you have still the opportunity to pull back and back to the basket as your SF can come by the strong dribble to his opponents.

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Offensive small forward

The offensive small forward brings a lot of your atribute to a happy medium. There are also offensive values ​​coming in the highest areas. You only have a Hall of Fame plaque, but for all the attributes are at a very high level and cause you to be dominant. This build comes pretty close to LeBron Miami times. But this should be neither pro nor contra.

  • Primary Skill: Wurfkreierung
  • Secondary Skill: Penetration and completion
  • Size: 2.05 meters
  • Mass: Average
  • Span: Average

This build is one of the best options in NBA 2K18, as it is perfectly suited for the offensive and still applies in all other areas as an allrounder. Try out you and share your impressions with us in the comment section.


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