Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless in the test: Wireless and stylish

With the Plattan ADV Wireless Headphone Manufacturer Urbanears delivers its first wireless on-ear headphones. We looked closer us Headphone in the test and tried out.

Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless in the test: Wireless and stylish

Headphones are already a great thing. Quick one is at least acoustically disappeared from his environment and can be drawn back into his own little world. Especially in a city like Berlin is often a very pleasant way to turn a little. Disturbing is this but often the connection between the headset and the music is playing smartphone. Say the cable. Especially in the colder seasons (which have now thankfully gone are quasi) annoys the wiring under numerous layers of clothes being too. You have to pick up the phone from his pocket, but it will quickly more complicated. But there are now several alternatives that do entirely without wires. On this train now Manufacturer Urbanears jumps up - his first model corresponding to hear it in the name Plattan ADV Wireless.

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Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless: Design


Who knows the Plattan series of Urbanears, will also recognize the ADV Wireless immediately. This is because the headset actually looks exactly like the ADV (which we incidentally already tested), but just lacking said cable.

As always with Urbanears the design is minimalistic, and the ADV Wireless is tone-on-tone, not a detail can be found in a different shade. It is also striking that there is no concise indication of the manufacturer, except for a small tab on the removable headphone reference. Ok that is a different color (black) but we will not even be so. So pure understatement.

At the bottom of the right ear cup is on the one hand the connection for the micro-USB cable to charge the headphones, sitting next to the power button, which also ensures the connection via Bluetooth, holding by it pressed for about 3-4 seconds , Let's stay in the right ear cup: There is a small LED light that provides information on the state of charge of the internal battery and the Bluetooth connection is located on the upper part.

Like the wired ADV consists of ADV Wireless made of plastic, the cover made of a washable fabric (at 30 ° C), the ear pads are made of synthetic leather. Here, too, so there's no surprises. Why, the Plattan ADV was only just launched in September of last year and with the design, the manufacturer seems clearly to be satisfied.

A cable for connection to a medium winamp music is not necessary as mentioned, yet find themselves in ADV Wireless two terminals for connection with a 3.5 millimeter jack. Why two? Of course, so that the / can / opt headphone carrier in himself which side he / she would like to have the cable. But even better: thanks to the two terminals of two Plattan / Plattan ADV / Plattan ADV Wireless can be coupled together so that two people can listen to music from just a common sound source. This feature is called Urbanears "Zoundplug". Yes, with "Z".

The ADV Wireless is light, has the same 3D joints on the ear cups as its wired brother and can be easily folded in this manner for transport.

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Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless: The sound

should be not only practical and beautiful to look at as a headset, of course, it should also sound good. Here one must not expect too much now. This does not mean that the ADV Wireless would sound bad, quite the contrary. But of course, these are a consumer product of the pricing lower middle segment, which is to be regarded primarily as a lifestyle accessory. All in all, affects the sound somewhat muffled and slightly musty, in terms of frequency range of the bass playing pretty good with, from the mid and high frequencies could be somewhat longer get to hear so that the sound "opens". So out details of sound complex songs something in the background. Considering its price of around 80 euros but the sound is acceptable and makes for various musical styles a good figure.

Like on the wired version of the tight fit ensures that external noise is well shielded, the music itself is barely audible even at higher volumes to the delight of that are available in the environment of people.

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