Bundesliga radio live stream: The conference and all games individually listen

Since the founding of the Bundesliga every Saturday afternoon congregate million listeners from the radio devices to track the Bundesliga conference. On the Internet you can be there live, both in the individual games in full length as well as the legendary ARD conference. Here, the transmitter and streams at a glance.

Bundesliga radio live stream: The conference and all games individually listen

hear the Bundesliga conference ARD radio online

A classic soccer radio commentary every Saturday off eight to twelve million listeners: The ARD Bundesliga conference is the stream available at various ARD stations, mostly embedded in several hours of football broadcasts, which also turn in cut live to the regional games. The overall mid-term conference will start at 16:02 or 16:08, the final conference at 16.55. By clicking on the radio name takes you directly to the stream:

  • Bayern 1 (Today at the stadium, 15:05 &# 8211; 18:00)
  • Bremen 1 (The Bundesliga, 15 &# 8211; 18:00)
  • hr1 (Arena, 14 &# 8211; 18:00)
  • MDR info (Bundesliga, 15:30 &# 8211; 17:30)
  • NDR 2 (The NDR 2 League show 15 &# 8211; 18:00)
  • RBB Info Radio (Sports on Saturday, 15:06 &# 8211; 18:00)
  • SR 3 (sports and music, 15:04 &# 8211; 18:00)
  • SWR 1 (Stadium, 15:05 &# 8211; 18:00)
  • WDR 2 (League Live, 14:05 &# 8211; 20:30)

Also on Friday and Sunday offer the public-service broadcasters Bundesliga Radio live from the stadium, for example, Bremen one (Sundays 15-20 am) or WDR2 (Fridays 19-22.30 am, Sundays 14-20 pm) &# 8211; but then only in sections.

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Bundesliga radio on the Web: Sport1.fm sends all games individually and a complete conference

Bundesliga live on radioSince the Bundesliga season 2013/14 Sport1.fm transmits all 1st and 2nd league in web radio stream (in previous years, it was the great transmitter project 90elf). Here, football fans have a choice between the individual encounters in full, or in a conference broadcast.

The individually current Bundesliga games and the conference can be selected directly on the website of Sport1.fm and started with a click on the play button. Also mobile can to be there on the mobile page in the browser or the free Sport1 apps for iPhone / iPad *Bundesliga radio live stream: The conference and all games individually listen and Android.

The Bundesliga summary on TV

Those who still want to see moving pictures from football weekend after the radio-voltage afternoon, here is our review of the Bundesliga summaries and reports &# 8211; what when where on TV and online. Elsewhere, we have compiled the opportunities to see the Bundesliga mobil from the smartphone and computer in the live video stream. As usual, the sports show also transmits the opening match of the season 2014/2015 live in the First, as an innovation in the TV area of ​​the RBB brings the football magazine 11Freunde on TV. We look forward to more records and that the ball is rolling again!

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