Salt in stream online and on TV: Today at Pro 7

Pro7 shows the beginning of the weekend with this Friday evening &# 8220; Salt&# 8221; a rapid and remarkable action thriller in which Angelina Jolie must not only prove her innocence, but also comes in mortal danger. All about &# 8220; Salt&# 8221; and the live stream can be found here *.

Salt in stream online and on TV: Today at Pro 7Source: © Sony

Salt in the live stream

The transmitter Pro7 rejoice on Friday at 22:30 with the remarkable action thriller &# 8220; Salt&# 8221;. The free live stream * the film can be found here:

Click here for the Pro7 live stream*

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Salt &# 8211; Info & Live Stream

&# 8220; Salt " is an exciting mixture of agents and film Action thriller. Under the guidance of Australian director Phillip Noyce plays Superstar Angelina Jolie is a top agent of the US Central Intelligence Agency, the victim of a conspiracy and must fight for their lives. It is accused of being a double agent and secretly spying for the Russians. While Evelyn Salt tries to find out who is behind the plot, already many former friends have blown to hunt down the alleged traitor.

Salt© Sony

Philip Noyce has had several successful thrillers like &# 8220; The cartel&# 8221; or &# 8220; The Patriot&# 8221; staged and also provides with the explosive agent action &# 8220; Salt&# 8221; class voltage cinema. His time with over $ 200 million worldwide box office, the film was able to score at the box office and audiences. Angelina Jolie is struggling in a prime &# 8220; Lara Croft&# 8221; -style by numerous spectacular locales of Russia and the US and thanks to some cleverly interwoven flashbacks, the viewer can be really sure never who now and who is actually victims mastermind of the conspiracy.

Who today prefer the Adam Sandler comedy &# 8220; Jack and Jill&# 8221; would look like this can do in the stream of live stream of Sat.1 * *.



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