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The EasyToolz download gives you a system tool that provides you with many useful functions and information on your computer.

Among other things, you the EasyToolz download an alarm clock, when the time is automatically synchronized over the Internet TimeSync feature, a shutdown function to shut down the PC on the network with countdown and the opportunity available to put your monitor into standby mode. In addition, the EasyToolz download includes a note function and supports the sending of network messages and WakeOnLAN. Similarly, a save and restore the positions of desktop icons is possible with the EasyToolz download.


A password generator EazyToolz also contains, as well as a display, a display of processing power, RAM load as a system tray icon and CPU Affinity for a multi-core processor. The inspection system information is possible with the tool.

After installation EasyToolz in the notification area and can be launched automatically at Windows startup.

Gallery EasyToolz

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