max cathedrals in the test: films and series as flat rate in the stream

Watching films and series has long been the major uses of the Internet. While illegal sites like or Movie2k had to close its doors, there is always more legal services for streaming movies and series. Given the large number of VoD services such as max cathedrals * LOVEFiLM Watch Ever and Co. it is hard to keep track. There is also the question of which provider can offer the right range of series and films.

max cathedrals in the test: films and series as flat rate in the stream

to convince a close look about Watch Ever and the potential film and series junkies, Tobias has made. Also max cathedrals wants his part of the video streaming cakes in the market. But what is good and what max cathedral films and series are here unleashed on you?

Max cathedrals: Registration

Max cathedral belongs to ProSiebenSat.1 Media and has existed since 2006. The Login with max cathedrals extends conceivable straightforward. Those who initially wants an overview of the range of films, series and documentaries, max cathedrals can test for one month free *max cathedrals in the test: films and series as flat rate in the stream. After the trial period 7,99 € due in the month. A long-term subscription is not tied up while you, after all, can you max cathedrals announce monthly. Clicks you about the offer link to sign up and give there one of your personal information. Here, you should note that the video call is only possible within Germany or Austria. Are you max cathedral client and such like. As in the summer abroad view one of the 4200 movies for the evening finale, this is currently not possible.

maxdome: 30-day trial for free*

is paid with max cathedrals by direct debit. A corresponding authorization must be provided at registration, even if its only for now only the free trial month want to use. After signing with max cathedrals you have this yet with an activation link that you will receive e-mail, confirm.

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 Max cathedrals: Requirements for Stream

To use the stream of max cathedrals, of course, a decent Internet connection is required. Recommended for this is a minimum transfer rate of 2 Mbit / s. Thus the movie experience to any slide degenerates, should put in your machine at least 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM and 32 MB of graphics memory. Alternatively, you can also access the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on the offer of max cathedrals. A similar app is pre-installed on the respective consoles. Owner of a Microsoft or Nintendo console currently still look the mark. Support for other platforms works on Watch Ever currently better, after all, it is here even possible to use Watch Ever per Wii.

so-works-max cathedral screenshotMax cathedrals can on a PC, via SmartTV, set-top box, smart phone or PS3, respectively, are used PS4.

For iOS, there is a corresponding app for max cathedrals on iPhone and iPad. Here is at least iOS 5.1 required.

maxdome (AppStore link)QR codemaxdome&# 124; Price: FreeApp Store*

Android users do not have a disadvantage in contrast to the competing offer Watch Ever. According max cathedral blog a corresponding app for Android devices, however, is already in the works and will be released promptly.

Max cathedrals in review: The film and series offer

Once logged in, you can start right away with the video streaming. On the home page you get an overview of the movies that are available in the program of max cathedrals. Downer here: Not all displayed films can be seen by you. this concerns especially movies,, which have only recently appeared on Blu-ray or DVD. Movies and series that are included in the monthly subscription price will be marked with a green rectangle. More movies can you borrow for a surcharge and view or buy, so to be able to access it at any time, so time is limited. Nevertheless, you is here already to an unmanageable at first glance diversity Series and movies for streaming ready.

max cathedral home-screenshotMax cathedrals in the test: On the Home you reach all the movies

Max cathedrals: Series highlights

On the following series highlights you can, inter alia, the max cathedral package access (as of 1/22.):

  • NCIS
  • Breaking Bad
  • Sherlock
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Falling Skies
  • Spartacus
  • LOST
  • Stromberg
  • Skins
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Luther
  • Doctor Who
  • Blood-C
  • The old
  • Shin Chan

also applies to this series that not all displayed content on the subscription package are included. While her example. As can currently watch all the episodes from Season 1 to 6 in the stream in Breaking Bad, there are of NCIS is currently only the latest episodes of Season 11 in monthly streaming offering. At serial variety is not lacking maxdome currently yet. Although you do not get to watch all the TV world is currently hergibt - The Walking Dead is about not offer- but you are served here in all genres with highlights, tips and classics. Currently there are around 250 series in the Maxdome. Here you can orient yourself in the availability of the program Sky &# 8211; current series are included in the offer often at the same time or shortly after first broadcasting.

Max cathedrals: Movies

For film buffs max cathedrals has a lot on offer. Here, however, you should not expect any current blockbusters and new releases, but gets a wide selection of blockbusters, classics and cult films of recent decades. Et al can currently access it on the stream following films with max cathedrals:

  • Iron Man
  • Tears of the Sun
  • Hachiko - A beautiful friendship
  • Bad Boys
  • Fahrenheit 9/11
  • hooligans
  • Stargate - Director's Cut
  • Amélie
  • Precious - Life is precious
  • Goal! - Live your dream
  • I Spit On Your Grave
  • R.E.D. - Older, tougher, better
  • Bad Teacher
  • The Illusionist
  • Alien Predator
  • Faster
  • over 4,000 more movies
max cathedral package moviesIn the max cathedral package you can to over 4000 films access

Who wants to not only entertain but also form, also can apply to different documentaries access from all relevant fields (history, nature, geography, politics, etc.).

Looking to her specific films and series, can you use the integrated search function on the page for it. For those that want to browse the offer and will meet with one or the other yet unknown film, or want to know what movies are popular with other users, can display all the content currently available for the following filters:

  • Top 100 Movies
  • All films in the package
  • new Movies
  • Coming soon
  • Films from A to Z
  • current Specials

For series there is accordingly a similar subdivision. In addition to her individual works of art of acting by category can scour. The offer of max cathedrals is it expanding, so that continuously new films and series can be found again in the offer.

So will you gain an overview of whether you appeal to the film and series range with max cathedrals, you can safely initially for 30 days get a taste for free.

Before you can get started with the video stream, the free Microsoft Silverlight plug-in must be installed on your computer. If this is not the case, you will be directed to the corresponding installation page.

Max cathedrals in the test: Conclusion

Who much and likes to watch movies or series, does not much wrong with a max cathedrals SUBSCRIPTION certainly. Although you can not to all current highlights access, cheaper than collecting Shows on DVD or buying individual movies are the 7,99 € per month in max cathedrals SUBSCRIPTION but all. In order to get a clear overview of whether one is satisfied by the offer and a streaming speed, or handling maxdome gives an undertaking to the 30 day free trial should be in the month *max cathedrals in the test: films and series as flat rate in the stream not to be missed.


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