Virtual WiFi Router Download

If your computer is connected to a wired network, you can make a wireless access point, and so provide a wireless access router download from this with the Virtual WiFi.

This is useful, for example appropriate when indeed your computer has a wireless LAN interface, but no wireless router is present. Do you want anyway devices such as smartphones wirelessly connect to the network, you can with the Virtual WiFi Router Download make your computer a wireless access point.

Virtual WiFi Router


Note: Also available is the name like Virtual Router, which serves the same purpose as Virtual WiFi router.

Virtual WiFi Router: So you set your own WLAN Access Point

Near the start of Virtual WiFi Router you can enter the name of the WiFi network, and the password in the window by using the "Configure". Also, you can determine if the Internet connection of your computer is to be shared, and the maximum number of peers here. By clicking on the button "Start" instructs her Virtual WiFi router to provide a wireless connection. If necessary, further adjustments may be necessary, details on this can be found in the tutorial on the manufacturing side.

On the subject: Router as a repeater: So it increases the wireless reception

If running Virtual WiFi router, you can see which devices use the WLAN access point under "Clients Connected" where you its IP and MAC address are displayed. you have including the ability to determine the appearance of the program window and whether Virtual WiFi router at startup of Windows is started with the "Settings".

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