Freeletics: My interim conclusion after Week 4

About a month ago 4 ½ I started to run high-intensity sports. The program is called Freeletics, the results really can see and feel especially.

Freeletics: My interim conclusion after Week 4

Sport is always a bit tricky. Many want to have a "Summer figure" or feel better in their own skin, but many are simply too lazy to actually do something for it. Instead, time and again resorted to alleged miracle cures, new "incredibly effective" equipment to buy or login at the gym is filled. Also popular are diets that unfortunately bring rarely anything. Above all, you will not even fitter thereby. A few weeks later things look then often quite different. It falls back to old habits, makes a break from his program (because you are tired, listless or without energy or just lazy) and then begins sometime (perhaps) all over again.

Until recently, I felt there quite similar. My "problem": I do not feel like gyms, do not want to enroll in a club and disturb me at fixed dates on which I have to do with other sports me. That's why I was looking for an alternative, in which I can train alone, flexibly and without expensive equipment. Last year, I'm so collided with my mini ITRY on You Are Your Own Gym, a little more than a month I was then advised of Freeletics.

Freeletics: All just body weight

only train with their own bodies, and thus also seen success in a very short time and feel to work? And whether But even better than that. The motivation is there. Since 4 ½ weeks I train about four times a week between 20 and 40 minutes after each session, I am something of broken and feel at the same time extremely well. Each new training session I can on the one hand not wait, then I got a little scared.

Freeletics screenshots


During the beginning was quite hard, it seems to be "worse" each new session and new training procedures. This is partly because you want to increase his personal best, but also the exercises are more brutal to another (Kentauros is real common). And yet I feel extremely well with the whole thing. While I was planning my first real session (Aphrodite) still downright fear (no real anticipation) I have regarding the training (and, interestingly enough, in other circumstances) obtained a better self-confidence: When I resolve to do something, then I can do it too. And I am still rather at the beginning.Freeletics-week-4

It is impressive to see how quickly you will be fitter if one occurs only himself in the ass. I eat normal, but make sure that I do not waste reinschaufle me (what I'm trying but generally to be avoided). Excuses not to exercise, there is not, unless of course you are really sick or injured. Fatigue, laziness, convenience or who felt that they had not yet fit enough for a workout Freeletics are self-created reasons to do nothing. And after, I'm tired. That's why I'm doing the sport now on, the program includes a total of 15 weeks. And if I do not feel like I just do it without.

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