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The app SolCalendar is a good option for users who want to manage their appointments in considerable way. Its elegant design with additional ways to personalize the calendar app can especially convince those who place great value on an attractive finish. We provide you the app before and tell whether the free download is worthwhile.

SolCalendar: Elegant and versatile calendar app in the short test

Smartphones today are our everyday companions and have long abolished the good old PDAs. One of the most important tasks of from today's perspective downright prehistoric equipment was the scheduling tool: Accordingly now the smartphone fulfills this role and using the app SolCalendar that happens to respectable manner. This is a diary application that can receive their information inter alia via Google, Yahoo, iCloud or Microsoft Exchange accounts and allows a continuous synchronization with the calendars. Important data and events from those calendars are imported during the initial setup and displayed in SolCalendar. These include, for example, weather information, and there is the possibility of displaying data from Google Maps, Foursquare, Google Notebook service Google Tasks, CalDAV and many other services.

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That should be for most nothing new, but what positive highlights SolCalendar positive compared to other apps, is the chic design. The colors are muted and an orientation falls by minimalist interface with intuitive controls easily, no matter whether you add new appointments or want to watch only the currently pending events. In addition, there are some gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom, which can be applied to change more comfortable between different views of the calendar. Also handy: The "Today" button, which returns a constantly fast to the current day of the week.

Sol-Calendar widget

the usability on the home screen, where the user can place the same number of different widgets at SolCalendar may not be missing at a calendar application, of course. black Whether knows the user is left, even beyond transparency and font size of the widgets can be varied in order to personalize the home screen as you wish.

In summary SolCalendar is a highly recommended calendar app, but the competition in the sector is huge: We already presented the Sunrise Calendar, and Today Calendar ago, both of which are also practical and have an appealing user interface to offer. The TodayCalendar stands out in this case by a design produced, which strongly corresponds to that of standard Google Calendar, and since one update also comes fully in Material Design. Like the Sunrise Calendar Today has a two-week view, and split view, which is not present in SolCalendar in this form. For this SolCalendar can come up with a simpler and in some places even more convenient operation.

The app was not found in the store.

Which calendar app is your current favorite?

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