Samsung Galaxy S4: Anchor battery with twice the capacity for 20 euros

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has indeed referred HTC's flagship One in our test with comparable in about stress in terms of battery life on the courts, cross-country skiers is the top model from Samsung, despite its 2,600-mAh battery is not. As with most current high-end smartphones to get on one charge just so throughout the day. Significantly longer the S4 runs with a new battery of anchors, which doubles the capacity of 5,200 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Anchor battery with twice the capacity for 20 euros

In addition to external battery packs there is a more elegant way to carry a spare battery with you or equal to all switch to a more potent power storage, at least for Samsung customers. Anker has recently for prices of only about 20 euro such a lithium-ion battery in that has at least twice the capacity of the supplied, to survive over 500 charge cycles as well as the original battery NFC support.

Since the 5200 mAh battery of course, applies more than the original 2.600er, and is just off a matching decorated in dark blue back for the S4, in which the necessary recesses for Cam, light and loudspeakers were not forgotten. The back is to sit tight and clean and actually ensure the battery is an approximately doubled runtime according to initial reports.


The disadvantages of the battery upgrades are happy to take many S4 owners safe to buy in: The thicker format like one or the other even as an ergonomic feel, and the additional weight of about 50 grams makes no big difference. The situation is different with already purchased cases from: these are the Galaxy S4 tailored precisely to the body, you will have to look at using the anchor current memory for a replacement.

If a larger replacement battery as the anchor for you in question? Opinions in the comments.

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