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Who home runs out of memory for photos, video and documents on his hard drive or want to have on the go access to its data currently gets at Microsoft 100GB of free storage in OneDrive cloud.

100GB cloud storage given at onedrive

The additional space can be used for two years now. Full unconditionally there is not the extra memory, however.

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get free memory for onedrive

100GB cloud storage given at onedriveThe free storage already existed for quite some time for users in the US, now also obtained in Germany access to additional cloud storage for free. After a normal application there are 15 GB free with OneDrive currently you'll get 100GB on your account. In Normalfalll 100 GB cost an additional € 1.99 a month in OneDrive. You gain over a period of two years, therefore, paid 48 €. To get the OneDrive-free memory, proceed as follows:

  1. Gets onedrive on this link.
  2. Get in touch with your access data in cloud service.
  3. To get the 100 GB of online storage for free, you have to participate in the OneDrive preview program.
  4. Do you agree with the participation, you 100GB for the next two years will be credited.

Note that you have to allow access to different user data per query. These rights, however, were already requested in the first time registration to OneDrive. Nevertheless, you should not shy away from a look at the permissions.

The remaining term for the available free space can you see at the bottom left on the summary page. Click on "More Memory load" to find out how long the additional memory is active.

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After expiry of the two years of your data in the cloud storage are maintained, so that no content is lost. However, any new files to the Microsoft cloud can then be added as long as the available memory is exceeded.

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Free storage can you use for backups of your private data such as photos, documents, etc.. On the Android and iOS app you have on the road access to the Dropbox alternative.

onedrive-storage-conditionsWe show you also how to back up data from Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive on an external hard drive.

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