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Almost every Android user uses on his smartphone or tablet a Google account and uses for this, other Google services: the Play Store, Gmail, Drive, Google+ and / or other services that are central to the Google Account of the user are bound. Since many users are carried over Android and arrangeable at first start Google account only to the Google services, Android also has a key role as a "gateway drug" into the Google universe.

The key to Google's services

When setting up an Android device Google account can be quickly established itself

Who sets up an Android device for the first time, can right there if he does not have yet, create a user account. Alternatively, the Google Account can also be created on desktop browser on this page to Google.

Google ID is not the same Gmail address

A popular misconception is that you need an address in Google's email service Gmail (better than Gmail known in Germany) in order to use Google services. This is not the case - ranging any e-mail address. For this purpose, simply click when you create the account on the website of the "I'd rather use my current email address" link. Once you have registered normal, the e-mail address is valid for all Google services as a login.

In contrast, a Google Mail / Gmail address is valid but basically as a Google account.

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use Android without Google account

An Android device can be used in principle without a Google account. However, the smart phone or tablet loses many core functions. So can no longer access the Play Store about and therefore no apps can do more, at least about Google's official app source be downloaded and updated. Either you then help out with App reference third-party sources such as the Amazon App Store or you can use their phone on without Google Apps.

Remove Google Account from Android device

Who use its Android device without a Google account, or simply want to share his device to someone else who must first remove their Google account. The safe way to do this is usually to reset the smartphone or tablet to factory settings (Factory Reset), then also Google account is removed. For this purpose there is in most Android devices a special "Backup & Reset "in the settings.

Alternatively, you can call in the Android settings and the "Accounts and Sync" groping there to the appropriate Google account and then selects the item "Remove account" (or similar). Here, under certain circumstances, but remain stored accounts-based data exist so that a factory reset is preferable.

Delete Google Account

Some want to delete his Google account completely, because he has no more use for it. First, you should export the data to Google Takeout, you would have possibly saved. Important to know: Here are emails containing from Gmail - they must separately, for example via an offline email client to be backed up.

Are all relevant backups created, you can "Close account and delete all services and info associated" his Google account on the delete link to the Google Accounts Settings page.

Who deleted their Google Account by mistake or changed your mind, it can recover for a limited time from this site.

Password for Google account lost - what now?

If you have misplaced the password for his Google account, you can still leave reset it might. The procedure, depending on whether it makes the Google account run on a Gmail or non-Gmail address and whether it has set up a security question or do not differ. For instructions about how to exist in the online help of Google, the actual recovery you start on this website.