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With Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels of the sky at least as successful in Japan as Final Fantasy game series is finally in an official release of the latest game to the European market. Designed for the Nintendo DS RPG waiting while several innovations, such as the possibility of being able to create his character now itself. Despite the now ninth game of the series and this is playable separately without problems and requires no prior knowledge.

In addition to the appearance of the own character you can also set its class. So whether you want to play as a mage, warrior or in another class, remains with the player &# 8220; Dragon Quest 9: guardian of Sky&# 8221; left to themselves. Also in the game you have new freedoms, because the enemies no longer attack at random, but the player determines which opponent he wants to fight. For this, the opponent must be just touching. When fighting, then you have the best opportunities by combining his attacks and increases with the hit combos strength.

The control is effected mainly through the Digikreuz and intuitive. The stylus can be used, but you do not. Graphically the game, NDS is typical, divided between the two screens. the bottom screen is used for menu functions while running on the top the actual game. objective in &# 8220; Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels of Heaven is to collect as angels in the heavens for the World Tree on earth star aura and bring the fruit to bloom. These star aura is the crystalline form of gratitude of the people of the players alone or with up to three friends can gather together in multiplayer mode.

The role play convinces with his innovations in character creation and the free game design. Through the addition tasks much variety offers, because as alchemist can for example combine up to 1000 items together and thus always get different results.

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