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You present a UDF file and want to open it or convert it to another format? We show you how you do it, without having to burn the file to a disk cumbersome. In a few steps, a UDF file can be converted into an ISO file.

Open UDF file - Here's

UDF file - What is it?

A UDF can an image - be a CD or DVD, similarly to an ISO file - that is a memory dump. UDF stands for &# 8220; Universal Disk Format&# 8221; and is a platform-independent file system that is subject to fewer restrictions than the older ISO 9660 format.

Open UDF file - Here's

To open a UDF file, the use of a virtual disk offers. The advantage: You have to be burned by not inconvenient to disk to view the contents. For virtual disks in Windows a drive is emulated, so it's only virtually not physically present. A program that creates virtual drives, is about the freeware VirtualCloneDrive.

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During the installation of the tool you can file extension &# 8220; .udf&# 8221; can already associate with the program. Set to the window &Installation Options; # 8220&# 8221; A check mark in front of the entry &# 8220; Associating .udf files&# 8221 ;. When querying &# 8220; Do you want to install this device software?&# 8221; confirmed it with &Install; # 8220&# 8221 ;. VirtualCloneDrive now has a virtual drive named &# 8220; BD-ROM drive&# 8221; created in Windows.

Now you click with the right mouse button on your UDF file and dials &# 8220; Loading Image File (VirtualCloneDrive)&# 8221; in order to involve them in the new drive. So you have virtually pushed the virtual CD in the virtual drive. Then you open with the key combination the workplace and can drive along with UDF file open and copy if required files from the virtual disk to your hard drive.

UDF file convert ISO file - Here's

If you want to convert a UDF file to an ISO file, it proceeds as follows: First, you bind the UDF file as described above in a virtual drive. Then you create an ISO file with a burning program from the virtual drive. Most burning programs can ISO images of CDs and DVDs create, such as the free CDBurnerXP tool.

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With CDBurnerXP you choose after the start of the program from the menu &Copy media or save; # 8220&# 8221; out. Under &# 8220; Source&# 8221; you choose the right &: Drive; # 8220&# 8221; drop-down menu of your virtual drive. If you use VirtualCloneDrive, meaning there &# 8220; ELBY CLONE DRIVE&# 8221 ;. Under the lettering &# 8220; target&# 8221; then chooses its option &Hard disk; # 8220&# 8221; and give a filename. The button &# 8220; ...&# 8221; determines their storage path of the ISO file. By clicking on &copy medium; # 8220&# 8221; then starts her conversion.