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The more WhatsApp messages you have, the more confusing the archive. Sounds mundane, but with the latest WhatsApp update for Android, you can mark its special WhatsApp treasures as favorites and get them clear in a chronological list appears. We tell you how this works.

WhatsApp for Android: Messages can be favored

WhatsAppaholics Where was again the funny picture, the brilliant WhatsApp saying the breathy declaration of love as WhatsApp voice message? Although you can chat during the Messengers search, but only for text contributions and not so comfortable, such as a favorites list. This is integrated into the iOS version of the popular messaging service for several weeks and has now found its way into the beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

WhatsApp Beta for Android: News my favorites Mark possible


For this it is only necessary to install the latest version of WhatsApp sideloaded so by corresponding beta APK file. After that you press and hold the corresponding WhatsApp messages in a conversation (even more may be selected) and then tapping on the star icon. , It does not matter whether it is media files such as voice messages and images or simple text messages: All content can be marked as favorites. After that you will find the selected content on the summary page "Starred messages" that can be selected on the chat overview page drop-down menu. There, all messages marked with an asterisk are displayed in chronological order. A Tap the appropriate messages to get into the section of the corresponding chat history.

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WhatsApp for Android Beta: How the Installation

WhatsApp for Android: Messages can be favoreddownloadQR codecom.whatsapp_2.12.338.apkFile size: 23.1 MB

WhatsApp APK (2.12.338) download (23.1 MB)*

To install the latest WhatsApp Beta version, you invite yourself first with the smartphone offered by us APK file. After that, the update via a tap on the downloaded APK can be carried out, possibly installing apps from third-party or unknown sources in the settings of the Android device must be accepted. A future update from the Play Store is on the service we APK file anyway possible.

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