Outlast 2: gameplay video presents 10 minutes scary

Just a few weeks before the release of Outlast 2 has managed a ten minute long gameplay video on Youtube that gives you a taste of the horror the developer Red Barrels concocted there. The game appears likely on April 25, 2017 PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Long it is no longer out until the developer Red Barrels brings back the horror in the form of Outlast second Expected in two weeks it will be so far, and while last still was confusion about the age rating in Australia, it is now slowly into the barrel. That Outlast has 2 apparently not lost its horror, can be guessed using a new gameplay video that you can see on these lines. In about ten minutes, the colleagues of polygon sneak through ghostly cornfields and school corridors, and show that the game has taken on many of the characteristics of the first Outlast.

Outlast 2: announced editions for the horror title

In the skin of the journalist Blake Langermann you have in the game investigate the mysterious murder of a pregnant woman, and come here by shielded from the outside world village that seems inhabited by a religious sect. Here you shall be allowed to explore much larger areas with your camera, as in the first part. Outlast 2 appears likely on April 25, 2017 PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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