Dark Souls: board game includes Ornstein & amp; Smough as mini figures

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Steam Forged Games is working on a board game to Dark Souls, which will launch its Kickstarter campaign on 19 April 2016th The team now starting mini figures from the game: bosses Ornstein and Smough. Which now look more cute than threatening.

Here you can test our video about Dark Souls 3 View:

385661Dark Souls 3 in the test

Love board game friends, soon there knallhartes food for your favorite hobby: Dark Souls will get a board game, the campaign starts to within a few days on Kickstarter. Who is hoped that the board game is similar hard as the video game presentation is likely to be pleased. It is said that the game will &# 8220; the toughest board game you have ever played&# 8221 ;, has &# 8220; loads of boss-and mini-bosses&# 8221; and is a &# 8220; brutal exploration game for 1-4 players&# 8221 ;.

Together it dies against these nasty lumps eventually better.

As an opponent with it are for example the popular Ornstein and Smough, as you can see on this promo image of the campaign:



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Source: Destructoid

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