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The Google Play Store is the first stop on Android devices when it comes to download new applications and games. Access Store has Google on the account. But what if you get the password from the Google Play account Password and can not access the Store?

Google Play Store: Forgot your password - This can be done

If you have forgotten the password, the Google Play Store can not use and can not download more apps on the Galaxy S3, HTC One and other Android devices. Find out here how you can get to the Google Play access again.

Google Play Store: Forgot your password &# 8211; restore user data

Since the Google account used for the Google Play Store, you have also this password to restore or reset. Gets this, click the login page for the Google account. Under the login window, click on "Need Help?". The corresponding function is found behind this link. Now can choose whether you have the Google Play password forget or do not remember the username. With the appropriate selection "Forgot Password" now the e-mail address must be specified, which was entered when creating the Google Account. This may be the Gmail address that deal Google Apps address, or any other e-mail address, depending on which address was filed with the application for the Store and the Google account. After the appropriate address is entered here, you get to this mailbox a message in which a link is stored to reset the password.

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Google Play Store: Forgot your password - It gives access

The new access is now a new password for the Google Play Store can create. In this way also a forgotten username for the Google Play Store can be restored. Here you can specify both a stored e-mail address and telephone number for recovery. In addition, the first and last Google account must be entered here. access to the Play Store can be restored now and you can continue new apps and applications on your Galaxy S3, installing Nexus device and other representatives of Android smartphones and tablets.

google-play-password-forget-screenshotGoogle Play Password Forgot? Look here for help

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