Lenßen Live at Sat.1 Gold: When will new episodes? Start date in 2017

Jürgen Domian verabschiedeet the end of December with his talk-show of the media landscape. Who needs a telephone conversation partner in terms of legal issues associated with the program "Lenßen Live", led by the TV lawyer Ingo Lenßen, a welcome alternative. But when it continues with new episodes of the TV legal advice?

"Lenßen Live" has blossomed in recent months become a hot tip on free TV. The first editions of the live broadcast running in autumn 2015, in June 2016 there was the time being last edition. On free TV and live stream there are "Lenßen Live" at Sat.1 Gold. Now there is finally a start date for the new episodes 2017th

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Lenßen live in the stream and TV Sat.1 Gold: How long is still &Summer break; # 8220&# 8221 ;? When it comes 2017 next?

Lenßen Live at Sat.1 Gold: When will new episodes? Start date in 2017After the broadcast of 8 June Ingo Lenßen adopted in the summer break. Meanwhile, in December and the summer break is still going on. Was "Lenßen Live" sold? The original plan was to show new issues in the fall 2016th The year drew to a close and fans of legal advice on TV were concerned that it might be final with "Lenßen Live" over.

According DWDL.de these concerns are unfounded. The unusually long break did not point out that the law show was discontinued. The media portal can even rely on a statement of the transmitters spokeswoman for Sat.1 Gold, Petra Dandl and confirms that a third season of "Live Lenßen" will come with new episodes.

is now also clear when it will go: As of Thursday, 23 February, there will be six new episodes every Thursday. It starts at 22:15. As always, Ingo Lenßen then two hours by telephone with answers to legal questions ready.

sat-1 gold-Lenssen-liveOld episodes of Lenßen live in the stream there are at Sat.1 Gold on the Web

Lenßen Live: New episodes come in 2017, repeats stream

Even before the call-in show is from 20:15 six issues of &# 8220; Lenßen clarifies&# 8221; give a consignment diähnlich as lawyer Ralf Höcker in his Buchrreihe *Lenßen Live at Sat.1 Gold: When will new episodes? Start date in 2017 will provide guidance on legal errors. Lenßen Live "is a ratings success for Sat.1 Gold and can additionally also in the social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, have a large fan base.

: old episodes online*

If you missed the hype about the "Right Hands-hour" on TV or want to browse through old episodes again can do so for free in the library at Sat.1 Gold. In the corresponding Web space to show all shipments of "Lenßen Live" found in the stream as a free retake. Once there will be information about Send appointments of the new spending, we will inform you about it here.

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