Galaxy S9 in iPhone-X Design: Video shows stunning looks

Samsung will have to respond with the Galaxy S9 to almost rimless design of the iPhone X. As the next flagship smartphone from Samsung might look like, showing a truly amazing video.

Galaxy S9 in iPhone-X Design: Video shows stunning looksSource: DBS DESIGNING

Samsung Galaxy S9: It could look like

The iPhone X Apple has caused a lot of admiration, but also harvested criticism. Especially the "notch", which rises with the sensors, earpiece and front camera on the display and thus "hidden" parts of the content, is considered a failure. but a recently unearthed patent Samsung shows that not only Apple uses this indentation, but in the future perhaps Samsung. How this could look at the Galaxy S9 shows the YouTube channel DBS DESIGNING:

The "notch" of the upcoming Galaxy S9 but would it be much more discreet and less than the iPhone X. It is this design we have seen in the patent of Samsung:

Galaxy-S-9 Design Patent GC-01

The display of the Samsung Galaxy S9 would be really almost borderless and therefore interrupted only by a few millimeters thin surface with the sensors, the iris scanner and the front camera. The earpiece will completely disappear and be replaced with a speaker inside the smartphone. Samsung tried so to keep as small as possible to the screen so as not to disrupt the presentation of the content on the display the incision. The Galaxy S8 the bars above and below the display still quite thick, as can be seen well in our review video:

240193Samsung Galaxy S 8: The testStart Photogallery(6 images)Samsung Galaxy S9: As nice as could look like the flagship smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S9 borderless display

While the Galaxy S8 with its "Infinity Display" thus already looks quite compact, the Galaxy S9 could be truly borderless. The design of the Renders, which is shown in the video, fits at least to the patent that Samsung has filed some time ago. Whether the smartphone but really is so edgy remains to be seen. First and foremost is here the design of the "notch" in the foreground. The rest is subject to change in development. How such a design of the Galaxy S9 would you like it?

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