Thief: developers commented on the alleged continuation

After the production company is filming a movie for the game Thief, has announced a matching game titles, now expresses itself the leading developer Eidos Montreal on the subject. However, the community is not quite sure as the statement is now meant.

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Last week came the rumor that a new Thief was being developed. The background was a set on the website of the production company Straight Up Films, which pointed to another branch of the stealth series. Now Studio boss of Eidos Montreal David Anfossi responds with a tweet on the messages.

Thief Anfossi

Thief in the test

"Apparently we develop Thief 5! Now we have a name &# 8230; We only need one team, budget &# 8230; Forget it!&# 8221; Actually a clear message, but in the comments should be noted that this Tweet can also be understood differently. With "Forget it!&# 8221; could also be meant that this information should have no one actually, which is why they will disappear from the minds of people quickly.

According to the English website PC Gamer also publisher Square Enix has said after a request with respect to the magazine: "We currently have nothing to announce.&# 8221; Thus, the company as well as Anfossi keeps the door to a successor still ajar.

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The last offshoot of Thief was published in 2014 and should be a reboot for the series. After mixed ratings however, it was quiet around the franchise, which once shaped the stealth genre decisively and significantly influenced titles such as Deus Ex and Dishonored.


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