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Already in painting still lifes were of great importance and symbolic have the meaning of a particular topic reflected. Even today in digital photography &# 8220; Stills&# 8221; here to stay. What is there to be observed and how easily it is still shooting a stationary subject too good, we show you in this video.

Whether a model car, a vase of flowers or your kit lens that you want to sell at the big auction house, still lifes have a permanent and rightful place in photography. A beautiful &Still, 8220&# 8221; convinces with a good focus, a good image composition and great mood lighting.

That the whole is not rocket science, we show you in the video. Important in still-life photography is a tripod to have a lens in the 50mm range is a natural image without distortion effect and ideally a remote control. By the light it may not always be an elaborate studio complex, because even strengthen somewhat with two daylight or energy-saving lamps can produce great results.

We used in the video:
Canon 60D
Canon 70D
remote Release
continuous light