Destiny 2: Players master a Raid-section for two

Destiny 2 provides its players with the Leviathan Raid to the test. The dungeon has numerous sections, which can lead to untrained or uncoordinated gamers quickly to the virtual demise. A team of two players but has now shown that it is possible even with extremely much skill.

So cool looks Destiny 2 from:

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Destiny 2 is for some time on the market and the players who have already reached the maximum level, then pounce on the first raid. Leviathan Raid is normally addressed simultaneously by six users, have to face up against numerous bosses, puzzles and other challenges. the duo &# 8220; Epicookiez&# 8221; and &Slayerage; # 8220&# 8221; now have once again demonstrated that it does not need a full group to master the content of Destiny second

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You have the &# 8220; Pleasure Gardens&# 8221; Leviathan raids in Destiny 2 mastered as a duo. The exciting video is below to be seen. The Encounter actually consists of several dogs and other opponents that have to be done in a set number of laps. Dies one of the dogs without his cohorts are killed or the time expires, the whole is much more difficult. Even with six players this section of Destiny 2 is a real challenge and needs some coordination.

The two players are also without big words and know what one of their tasks. When the last dog then falls, they can no longer withstand the superiority of the opponents. However, they reach moments before the long-awaited checkpoint and continue their journey to a Respawn. Section two of mastered! Whether the two will take the rest of Destiny 2 Raid attack?


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