Sony’s tablet Beamer Xperia Touch is the future – and that is his problem

I have had some days to try out Sony's interactive projector with Android: The result is a strange mixture of enthusiasm and disillusionment. Why Sony is on the right path and who now should buy the Sony Xperia touch.

Sony's tablet Beamer Xperia Touch is the future - and that is his problemSource: GIGA (Leon Klamand)

If you look at the history of the company from Sony, you have to admit: The Consumer Electronics Group has shown courage again and again. As with the launch of the first Playstation in a time dominated by Nintendo console market or with pugnacious, but technically advanced audio formats such as MiniDisc or SACD. The newest litter of Japanese joins this tradition.

Forget tablets, from now projected

With the Xperia touch the product developer confidence in an area that is still largely unknown. They bring Android and the corresponding interaction on almost any surface. The idea: A virtual and completely fully functional tablet that is irradiated on the kitchen table by beamer. A gadget that is on the last stage of evolution before full integration into our living environment.

Our Video Hands-On from MWC 2017 shows a prototype of the Xperia touch and is helpful to understand the basic idea behind the mini projector:

2872Sony Xperia touch in the Hands-On: Table projector with laser touch screen and Android

The possibilities are as diverse as the apps in the Google Play store - except that many of the limitations to which one has become accustomed no longer apply here. The multiplayer game Air Hockey Deluxe is an example: The Xperia touch points to the table a 23-inch projection on the dining table, which can be wonderfully controlled by a finger slide. Even a full-fledged tablet can not offer this experience. Of course we also tried a real classic games in the newsroom with Fruit Ninja. What can I say? It feels as if the game was programmed only for the Xperia touch.

Air Hockey DeluxedownloadQR codeAir Hockey DeluxeDeveloper: Words MobilePrice: Free
Fruit Ninja®downloadQR codeFruit Ninja®Developer: Halfbrick StudiosPrice: Free

Of these rediscoveries there was still some more: Planning a trip to fourth in the table with Google Maps? Top! watch the latest Star Wars 8-trailer on YouTube in a darkened room with 80-inch diagonal on the wall? Even top. The sound of the built speaker is the way remarkably well. What about surfing the Web?

Well ... there it goes wrong, unfortunately, with the little quirks that so brings a new gadget with them. More on page 2.


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