FTP client: The best programs for Windows

An FTP client allows you to upload and download files to or from an FTP server. Although in most web browsers already an FTP client is integrated; recommendable, however, is to use a separate program for this purpose, since they are so much more comfort and many additional features. Some of the best and most popular, free FTP clients for Windows, we want to present you in the following:

FTP client: The best programs for WindowsSource: Bakhtiar Zein

FileZilla: The most widely used FTP client

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The most popular FTP client FileZilla. The freeware has a simple operation and supports FTP either via SSL / TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). With the integrated Site Manager you can manage any number of additions and keep open at the same time through the use of tabs and multiple FTP connections. Moreover, FileZilla can resume broken transfers back and transfer files over 4GB in size.

FileZilla Portable is also a portable version of FTP clients for the USB flash drive, which you can use without installation on every computer. However FileZilla carries some criticisms: Among other things, username and password are not encrypted stored in a file, which comes especially in the portable version of concerns.

WinSCP: The classic FTP programs

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A true classic of the FTP programs WinSCP. In addition to FTP and SFTP the freeware also supports the older SCP protocol. Since the FTP module WinSCP is based on FileZilla, it offers a broadly similar functions. However, an automatic synchronization between local and server directory, direct editing of files on the server is possible using WinSCP unlike FileZilla and the data will be stored encrypted. Also WinSCP a portable version is available.

Cyberduck: An FTP client from the Mac world

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Cyberduck comes originally the Mac environment; but is also available for Windows for a while. The program offers the same features as FileZilla and WinSCP substantially, but is also able to establish connections for uploading and downloading to and from cloud storage. Among other things, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files are supported. However Cyberduck does not offer the popular FileZilla and WinSCP two-window design and there is no portable version of this FTP program available.


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