Google Keyboard 5.1 with new themes and emojis [APK Download]

Just recently, Google Keyboard got an update with several new features. Although version 5.0 brought gestures, one-handed mode and other features that Android N was not supported. The third preview of the system is finally Google Keyboard 5.1 included. Here, the functionality has been further enhanced - Themes and emoji included. We offer the APK file for download.


Version 5.1 of Google Keyboard has, among other new options to choose from themes in his luggage. Available are 13 different color combinations, on top of that is in version 5.0, the ability to display key edges. On the relevant page here a preview of the design is displayed. However, choosing your own image is given as keyboard background. The position can be adjusted manually.

everywhere Emojis

In addition, users will receive the third Android-N-Preview and Google Keyboard 5.1, a previously unknown wide range of new emoji. Although most icons have been displayed in the second preview, however, could not be used. This changes with version 5.1, integrated are attending Emojis from Unicode 9.0 and various variations in skin color. There is thus the first time a larger Emoji selection as on iOS devices.

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Google Keyboard 5.1: compatibility and APK Download

Of course, Version 5.1 is especially compatible with Android N, but also works on marshmallow devices. However, the operation here is limited because the emoji are part of the Android-N system and will not be displayed on older versions.

Adventurous users can try out Google Keyboard version 5.1. After downloading the APK file to install apps must be allowed from unknown sources in the device settings under "Security". Use at your own risk, GIGA is not liable for any damages.

Google Keyboard (Version 5.1) (22.2 MB)*

Google Keyboard 5.1 with new themes and emojis [APK Download]downloadQR codeGoogle Keyboard 5-1.apkFile size: 22.2 MB

via: Android Police

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