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With the SG TCP Optimizer download speed guide you get a powerful utility for problems with the network or the network card. The program also helps you optimize your network settings.

Network problems know many. Yet there is little help when data connections break frequently or DSL speed is well below the posted speed flat rate. The main reason is that network problems are difficult to analyze. Too many potential sources of error may be responsible for problems with the network connection.

First indications can be determined, for example, ping tools like Ping Plotter Free. Once one has recognized, at which point the Internet connection has the bottleneck that makes them slow, you can use programs such as the SG TCP Optimizer Download take countermeasures. With the tool you reaches deep into the system events of the network card and can turn on a variety of screws.

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SG TCP Optimizer Download: Also suitable for network technology-lay

On the homepage of the manufacturer Speed ​​Guide, there is an English language TCP Optimizer manual that the many different sets of parameters explained somewhat, but these changes are more likely to recommend networking professionals. This is further helped with a detailed FAQ and a tweaking forum. Those familiar with not so good with networking, can still work with the SG TCP Optimizer download, because the program offers four typical settings that are used to configure the network card. By clicking the network card is getweakt with certain default settings You can test in order to find the optimal configuration.

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  • change network settings
  • optimize network settings
  • Also suitable for amateurs
  • English only

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