Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge): So you use dual SIM and microSD card simultaneously

The Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Galaxy edge are known, again with a microSD slot. The small fly in the ointment: the user can only use a memory card and a SIM card or two SIM cards simultaneously. A resourceful hobbyists but has now found a solution to accommodate all three cards in the device. Without danger is not, however.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge): So you use dual SIM and microSD card simultaneouslyNote: These instructions work only with the dual SIM variants of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge available yet in Germany.

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The trick is as simple as it is ingenious: the hobbyists simply solves the chip, so the golden area of ​​the SIM card. This goes by the plastic card is heated approximately one minute. The golden chip can be removed, although of course a bit of tact is needed then relatively simple. After that, the detached side still needs to be trimmed. According to the manual must leave one to two millimeters on each side. This is probably the most difficult step - who wegschnippelt too much, after all, destroy the card. The good news: the SIM card you get is usually free or new for a small fee from its carrier.

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Who gets it right, grabs the microSD card and places the chip thereon. Should still stick by itself thanks to the adhesive residue. If not, simply super glue or commercially available double-sided tape can be used. It is also important here that the correct position, but in the instructions everything is already very well illustrated. Thereafter, the combined SD / SIM card is simply placed in the tray, following the second, unedited SIM card. If all goes well, the Galaxy S7 now recognizes all three cards. Finally, it must be set in the settings only, which SIM card to be used primarily.

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Be careful when remodeling

The question in turn should be clarified before the craft work. Once cut, the SIM card can, after all, are no longer used regularly and only fits in combination with the memory card into the device. Who changed more frequently, should not use the primary SIM card. We also warn at this point: The process is not difficult to do, but it may well happen that we scrapped the smartphone so that - for example, when the glued chip detaches and remains somewhere stuck in the slot. We GIGA accept no liability for any damage to the smartphone.

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