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The fraudsters behind phishing e-mails and other online scams are becoming more sophisticated. Who lately a &# 8220; Important Message&# 8221; to his bank account by Deutsche Bank Foundation (DBG) has received, but should look two times. Due to some security holes in the online banking system of different banks it is a &# 8220; vetting&# 8221; give. However, this is again just an attempt to come to the bank data ignorant online banking users.

148002The behind hoaxes, fakes and fraud on the Internet

DBG-mail: Security prompt Deutsche Bank Community

That it is in the email is a fake, you can tell the sender of the message already: Even though there are quite a few companies and communities in Germany with the abbreviation DBG, there is no &# 8220; German banking community&# 8221 ;.

Who does not know this, can still fall for quickly to the con artists since the content of the e-mail grammatically largely formulated correctly and the motives behind the email may look reasonably plausible. That lacks a personal address, but is also already suspicious. due to security gaps in the online banking system of different banks one should check whether it also itself may be endangered. even for this there are two options: Either you checked this during a meeting with the bank &# 8211; However, what will cost 27 euros expenses fee &# 8211; or you do it via the fast, automatic way on the attached link.

Click under any circumstances to the email attached button and give not your data on the then following page! This is a phishing case in which the scammers are trying to get to your bank information.

Amazon phishing e-mail confirmation of the user account shutterstock_413687179No bank would shell out in a penalty and that it checks a vulnerability caused by itself. Likewise such matters from banks or offices usually are not regulated by e-mail, but mail, via its own web portal or a personal appointment. One last important note is the link in the email. This is a shortened by a URL shortening and masked link, where you can not see what the target URL is. Banks and offices should in principle those &Concealment methods; # 8220&# 8221; Do not use in an official email.

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DBG: security check &# 8211; Phishing mail in plain text

Security prompt 2016
(Interface to the security check)Dear customer,due to serious security flaws in some online banking security procedures, the German banking community is obliged to immediately handeln.Eine large number of bank customers affected by this massive security holes. Once unfortunately we could not reach you by phone, we offer you in this way with your security status to überprüfen.Für checking you have two options:option 1Make an appointment with your local bank and ask to take the following information:

  • Your account information / debit card and a valid ID card
  • Your current mobile phone number
  • 27 € Expense fee (manual review)

option 2

Check online was now and free, whether you are affected by a vulnerability by this please click on the following link (check safety).

check safety


German banking community (DBG)
Graurheindorfer Str. 108
53117 Bonn

PO Box 1253
53002 Bonn

What to do if it is too late?

If you've already entered on the page scammers your account details, you should act quickly. First, you should login you with your online banking account at your bank and your Change Password. If this is not possible because the scammers already have control of your account, you should take a contact your bank immediately.

You should initially freeze payments. Whether already made transfers can be reversed, depends on various factors. If you victim of a scam have become the Internet, you should this but in any case the police report. More information and procedures you learn the Federal Office for Information Security and the respective consumer organization.

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