Pictures & amp; change change, recording and Create Date:; photos (EXIF metadata & amp)

Digital cameras and Co. are distinguished for each image in addition the exact shooting date on, so the time and day and month. But what if there was an error in recording or modification date or later creep Error copying and moving? We show you how to modify the creation and modification dates of pictures and photos afterwards and correct can &# 8211; and what it's all about that the modification date often is after the creation date.

Pictures & amp; change change, recording and Create Date:; photos (EXIF metadata & amp)Source: Save the date for personal holiday. Wedding invitation. Vector image.

Causes of false dates in JPG images and photos in different formats, there are numerous:

  • One may have been in a different time zone, for example on holiday.
  • Perhaps the date was wrong on the recording device from the outset and must be adapted.
  • Or change and recording date has been changed by the copy of Windows or another OS.
  • Even when copying files between PC and smartphone may come to the problem that the date of creation or modification date is incorrectly stored or deleted.
  • Even if one scans an image and want to set as the date the actual photograph, it may make sense to customize the file information after the fact.
  • Do you want to adjust the date, we will show you elsewhere on how to change the so-called EXIF ​​data, behind which, among others, the creation date is hidden.

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Recording date, and modification date for images, photos and other files Modify- everything to EXIF

file-date-ModifyIf you click right on your image file, you see only once, only the typical information about the file.

Windows and many other operating systems and recording devices usually distinguish between the terms that you should not mess up:

  • Added (file)
  • Modification date (file)
  • access date
  • Recording date (EXIF)

While each file has the creation and modification date, only photographs also have a recording date when it was assigned by the camera or smartphone.

For creation and modification date we get further down in the article. Here we tell you also, how can it be that a creation date is younger than a modification date. These two data included along with the date of access to the file information and not to EXIF ​​metadata. 

The EXIF ​​capture date could be entered manually to indicate when you have received a file in your own collection. Even with EXIF ​​there are other data, such as the digitization and the modification date. These are usually the same, when shooting with smartphone and camera, always with the recording date. 

If you only want to adjust the recording date of some images, proceed as follows:

  1. Click right again on the file.
  2. Selects the tab of details.
  3. Now you can adjust the recording date of origin.recording date
  • By the way: Sent her photos, for example via WhatsApp, no recording date is sent along. The same goes for receiving files. The entry &Recorded; # 8220&# 8221; So is deleted &# 8211; or rather the metadata of the image are not sent.
  • We suspect that the reason is that WhatsApp would produce the smallest possible amounts of data while sending and receiving images.
  • If you absorb in the WhtasApp app, a photo and sent this, the Messenger saves an image in its original size with EXIF ​​data and WhatsApp Images-Sent folder in WhatsApp Images folder the sent image without EXIF ​​and lower resolution.

recording date-Modify

Creation date and Co. modify using metadata and software

If you want to adjust the recording date of many images, it lends itself to the metadata, one also speaks of EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format), read a program and can be changed automatically.

  • This is possible, for example with the freeware XnView, you can download the free her on GIGA.
  • With this program you can also modify EXIF.
  • More extensive editing capabilities provides the ExifTool ExifTool GUI, the graphical interface.
  • Who would like to have it a bit easier and the modified date of an image (which in most cases with the shooting date matches) would be deposited as a recording, digitizing and modification date in the EXIF ​​data, this can do with the tool EXIF ​​Date Changer.

Note that PNG files have no EXIF ​​data.

Created and Modified &# 8211; What do these mean? &# 8220; Last Review&# 8221; younger than &# 8220; Created&# 8221 ;?

  • Only rarely happens that the three system data files match.Only rarely happens that the three system data files match.

    The creation date of a file indicates what day exactly the document was created. This applies not only in photographs but all Windows files.

  • The change date indicates when a file has been changed the last time. Has, for example, a Word document and change the text somewhat, which is stored as a changed modification date.
  • If you then, however, copies this Word file to another PC, it maintains the change date, but simultaneously receives a new creation date because it was created on another PC. So it is possible that the creation date is after the change date.
  • Since you often rarely edited photos in the rule, but all copies frequently, the last modification date is therefore usually also the creation date of the first copy of the file &# 8211; ie the time when the photo was taken.
  • Under Last access shows when last this file was opened. So here goes an access, it must have taken place no change.
  • This data can you watch XnView.

Mobile phones and date settings

  • the date settings are handled somewhat differently usually on smartphones. It does not happen that a change in date is prior to the date of creation, as well as the modification date is adjusted when creating the copy on the smartphone.
  • Take files no recording date in Exif information and re-copied to the phone are treated the images in the gallery so, as if they had all been taken on that day.

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