Onavo Extend the test: surfing the way faster and save data volume

The Onavo Extend tool promises to shrink the transmitted data in mobile connections via 3G and Co.. This is intended to conserve not only volume quotas, even surfing to be faster overall. We have the app take a close look.

Onavo Extend the test: surfing the way faster and save data volume

Recently, I was one week on vacation and of course I also had my phone there. Since there were at my holiday destination in Spain no WiFi, I had to rely on data roaming for mobile Internet. Thankfully, my contract has a tariff option, where you can buy volume packages individually - 25 MB cost 2 euros. A fair price, although of course I tried to reduce the resulting volume. was a step to switch off the automatic background synchronization of smartphones, another to install an app that I've encountered in this context: Onavo Extend.

The running Android 4.x executable and free app Onavo Extend adopts the principle of other on-the-fly data cruncher, about Opera's "Turbo" or Amazon's Silk browser and inverts it over the Android system instead of just through the browser, which all applicable data can more or less be well compressed.


Technically, the whole thing works like this: After the English-language app has been installed and activated, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is set up in Android. One Tapt to a notification, and confirms that it trusts the VPN (this step is dictated by the operating system and can not be turned off). Laudable: Onavo already makes use of the advanced notifications in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and thanks to Holo UI very chic.

Onavo extend

If the VPN is active, running all the traffic on the servers of Onavo, similar to a proxy server. On the way to smartphone data is also compressed, turned down images on websites and in their quality, also the cache (cache) is increased for data on the smartphone.

In the settings of Onavo Extend can set you that the VPN is automatically activated when you are abroad. The targeted quality of images can be adjusted. set this value quite low is therefore useful because images make up a not to be underestimated part of the transmitted data while surfing the net.

Onavo settings

And how well does Onavo Extend? The effect on the speed while surfing the net is palpable. Though not always - it varies with the connection quality between smartphone and mobile phone mast. On vacation with HSDPA, the difference was clear in the Berlin subway with existing there shaky and extremely slow EDGE connection as a bottleneck, the effect was hardly any subjective.

however, the other dimension, the saved data. Here I have to leave myself to recording Onavo. The app reported in detailed reports to have saved about 75 MB in the not too aggressive image compression set during the holiday season - not bad.

My conclusion: Onavo Extend is a useful app that I put any foreign travelers to the heart, the plan to use mobile data connections on site. But even those who are traveling in the homeland and in his data plan to Geschwindkeitsdrosselung included has little volume, Onavo Extend should give a chance.

download: Onavo Extend (free)
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[Update:] For technical reasons, you should of course be aware of the fact that going for VPN connections of all traffic on the server by third parties. So, theoretically, could "read along" Onavo which pages to retrieve and what data it sends and receives unencrypted connections. If that privacy protection is too delicate, the fingers should be on the app. [/ Supplement]

Side note: apart Onavo Extend also the app Onavo Count by the same company. It is a data monitor that logs, what apps as much data. This app also runs on Gingerbread, changed its name about a year ago under the name additive-free Onavo and at that time was tested by us here.


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