iPod no longer goes to: what to do?

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Today, the iPod is still to be found on the road in many jacket and backpack bags for the background music. Annoying it is when the iPod is no longer terms and at start of test shows no reaction.

iPod no longer goes to: what to do?

We show you what you can do when the iPod is no longer terms.

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iPod Nano or Touch no longer goes to: solutions and support

the device does not start, first of all kept quiet. Normally, nothing major is broken, but is only a short-term software or hardware failure. iPod does not respond to the start command, possibly the "Hold" switch is engaged.

  • First, you should make sure that the battery is also charged.
  • Closes the device for a few minutes to a power source.
  • After several minutes, the charging screen should then be displayed with the dead battery on the screen.
  • the device is now trying to start.
  • the iPod still does not respond, as intended, to check whether the cable or power supply may be damaged.
  • In some cases it may also be that the iPod battery must first be completely discharged before a restart is possible. Let the device accordingly for 24 hours to rest and it connects well any power source. this unit will restart.
  • The iPod is still lacking, performs a hard reset.
  • To reset the iPod, load the battery on.
  • the "standby" suppressed - and "Volume Down" button for about 8-10 seconds. Do you have an iPod 7th generation, hold down the "Home" button instead of the "Volume Down" button.
  • The device is now reset, the Apple logo should be visible on the screen.

iPod no longer goes to: what to do?

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iPod no longer goes to: perform reset

Remains the iPod during startup hang the device connects to a computer with iTunes. Reboots by the standby and Home button are pressed simultaneously. Keep your fingers on the buttons when the Apple logo appears, wait until the "recovery mode" is executed. Selected via iTunes now "Update". In this way iOS is reinstalled on the iPod.

iPod no longer goes to: what to do?

We show you also how to reset an iPod to delete incorrect settings.

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