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The GoodSync Download is a program for synchronization and backup of files and folders between computers, external devices and the network.

With the GoodSync download gets her a program to synchronize and back up files such as photos, documents, music or e-mails between computers, external devices and the network. This one does not have to rely on cloud solutions as a user; on the other hand one must not laboriously moving files manually, which also has the disadvantage next to the large amount of time, to be quite prone to error.

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The free edition of GoodSync is fully functional for 30 days. Thereafter has purchased the full version or be resigned to the limitation that up to 100 files may be kept in sync or secured and maintained either 3 orders.


GoodSync Download: functions of synchronization and backup software

The GoodSync Download uses an innovative synchronization algorithm that genuine two-way synchronization allows. The program automatically detects newly created, deleted and changed files. Also, with the GoodSync Download you synchronize in one direction possible, so a backup of files and folders. The backed up data can also be encrypted.

In addition to Windows files and folders between PCs and external devices, data can be synchronized to servers on the network or Internet or secured with GoodSync. The program include FTP and SMB (Windows Server) supported. With GoodSync you can also perform automated synchronizations and backups.

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