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Software for password management

1Password Pro is a program for managing, collecting and cataloging of passwords. It stores the data in one of six different cryptographic encryption routines.

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A shortcut allows quick selection of appropriate data. Own fields can be created. A form filler takes over to your specifications filling of input fields. For the USB flash drive and the U3 device specific versions can be used.


A password generator, a TAN management, a form filler, file encryption and the reading of password fields are integrated.

Each of the moves on the Internet is confronted over time with a lot of passwords. Unfortunately, the passwords when you should be reasonably safe, very hard to remember. If we use only one password for all accounts, one danger of hackers running to be spied massively. 1Password manages your accounts and associated passwords. The data is stored in one of 6 different cryptographic encryption routines.

This can not be read without a password. The program is multi-user capable, that is, for each user, there is a password database. A shortcut allows the selection of the data without having to re-enter. In addition, the shortcut in the taskbar manually or be scheduled locked and can only be reached by entering the database password.

In addition, the following features are included in the software:

  • a password generator to quickly create secure passwords;
  • to hide them from prying eyes with a password file encryption;
  • Reading *** - password fields to make forgotten passwords visible;
    a TAN list manager to easily and securely manage the TANs for online banking.


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