Who can and how much you get in return – Sell photos

You think you are for decent photographer and want like to make money with your snapshots or professional photographs? We show you how you can sell photos and how to make online order.

Who can and how much you get in return - Sell photos

Per hour occur in Germany alone more than 1,000 photos, which resulted in an estimate of the Photographic Industry Association. Among them are, of course, a lot of photos that are only for the photographer's own and perhaps the model of value - namely a personal - but also the commissioned work by professionals.

Microstock agencies is called the online business that can remove you your photo for a little money and then sell them to interested parties. There are, however, to consider various requirements.

Sell ​​photos: But to whom?

You want to earn more than a few cents to your photos? Then you should put you belong to the wheel and pinch back motifs that are not as highly competitive. With the right photo you can that is already quite deserve.

But one should to whom to sell the photos anyway? We introduce you to three portals, you can turn you against your photos to.


istocklogoSince 2006, the Canadian Agency iStockphoto part of the world's largest provider of stock photos, Getty Images. The customers are mostly small to medium-sized companies such as advertising agencies, as well as bloggers and educational institutions. Depending on the volume of sales the base compensation for non-exclusive images is (ie, you may be able to offer even elsewhere) 15 to 45% of the sale price.


fotoliaThe New York Pictures Agency Fotolia puts it even more emphasis on artistic recognition. Have you shot an artistically valuable picture you can classify it as 14 million other images at Fotolia and hope for a fee from 20 to 46 percent of sales for non-exclusive photos and even 35 to 63 percent exclusive.

Photo Community

fotocommunityA very different model represents the German Photo Photo Portal community. Here you lay your own prices for your still images, but only if you applied for a premium membership for 5 Euro a month. Once 50 Euro fee for your pictures come together, will be paid


Also not to be despised are the portals About pixel Zoonar, Crestock and Dreamstime.


Basically, it is recommended that the conditions of participation and principles read at photo agencies before selling images copyright, so that your creative ownership has not suddenly gone.


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