Apple Watch Series 3: LTE smartwatch in the famous garment

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Apple has, as expected, introduced new Apple Watch models as part of its events on 12 September two. The news can be found inside the new Smart Watch. Here are the specific changes:

Apple Watch Series 3: More independence from iPhone

The rumors and leaks in recent weeks already gave a first look at the new features of Apple Watch Series 3. The highlight is the Apple Watch with integrated LTE modem, which makes the watch more independent of the iPhone. Thanks to this integrated cellular connection, iPhone can also be left at home times. While jogging omitted such as the annoying phone in your pocket.

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The exterior is little changed. The only obvious clue is now red crown of the LTE version. The new model is only marginally thicker; and again, this only applies to the back. The antenna of the LTE version of Apple has integrated into the display. Since even a nano-SIM would be too large for the Smart Watch, Apple has integrated this firmly into the Series. 3

Calls are automatically displayed on the Apple Watch. The number is the same as that of the coupled iPhone. In Germany only the Telekom initially was called as a partner for the LTE variant, here the mobile phone contract for the watch costs around 5 euros a month.

Watch Apple Watch Series 3 at Apple*

Inside a further operates according to Apple 70 percent faster S3 dual-core processor. An equally new W2 chip responsible for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, aims to deliver 85 percent faster wireless connections and simultaneously be 50 percent more energy efficient. The Apple Watch Series 3 can now determine the height without GPS assistance thanks to a barometric altimeter.

One difference between the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular and GPS-only version is twice the memory in the LTE model: Instead of the previous 8GB standing here 16 GB. The battery life is Apple continues with up to 18 hours; the same value as that of the Apple Watch Series 1. The Series 3 is in contrast to the old models now in a power supply.

The Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS + Cellular however, requires an iPhone 6 or later; this includes the iPhone SE. For the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS, however, an iPhone 5s or later is enough. In both cases, IOS 11 is assumed.

To accompany the new Series 3 Apple has also announced a new set of bracelets; This includes new versions of the Nike Plus models and Hermès.

Improved Fitness Tracker thanks watchOS 4

Speaking of sports: watchOS 4 can tracken a new set of workouts in conjunction with the new Apple Watch. So Apple announced about improved support specifically for skiers and snowboarders.

Prices and availability

The new Apple Watch Series 3 can be pre-ordered at Apple from 15 September 2017 probably again at 9:01 AM German time. Delivery of the new Smart Watch begins on 22 September.

The prices for the Apple Watch Series 3 *Apple Watch Series 3: LTE smartwatch in the famous garment GPS start at 369 euros for the version without LTE. Who wants the Series 3 call with GPS and Cellular its own needs to shell out at least 449 euros.

The Apple Watch Edition *Apple Watch Series 3: LTE smartwatch in the famous garment Ceramic is also a Series 3 available, exclusively with Cellular and GPS. This is also now available in two colors, gray and white. Prices for the exclusive model here start at 1,399 euros.


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