What’s Pokemon GO? Declaration for parents and guidelines for children

Whether large or small, Pokémon GO is currently ubiquitous and loved by all ages across the players worldwide. But many are not so versed in playing people wonder: What is Pokémon GO and it is actually connected to so many dangers, as you can hear it on the news? We tell you the app and show how the monster hunting impacts, both positive and negative effect on our daily lives.

In the US, robberies are planned with Pokémon GO and Player storm a police station. In such headlines you listen first and ask yourself as a concerned parent, what your child as for playing recently. Pokémon GO is currently worldwide phenomenon. But what it is all about and how children should be handled with the app the game. We answer these and other questions.

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What's Pokémon GO? explained easily

Pokémon GO is like Facebook or Twitter, another app on your smartphone or tablet. You can download it for free for Android in Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store. When you start the app, you must first register with user data. This is done either via a Google account or a Pokemon Trainer Club account, which you can edit.

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After registering, start the actual game, first being created is an avatar in the form of a trainer. That is the figure that you control over their own movements in the real world in the game. This can be thought of as the navigation system in the car, which is itself in Pokémon GO, the car that runs from A to B on the map. Each movement is transmitted by a self via the GPS location of the phone into play on the figure. The game uses this real-time maps from Google Maps to map the game environment in terms of the real world.


What is at stake in Pokémon GO?

The actual game is now so is that one runs with the created Trainer figure by the real world and goes hunting for Pokémon. Pokémon stands for &# 8220; Pocket Monsters&# 8221 ;, to German &# 8220; Pocket Monster&# 8221 ;. From this little animal-like figures can be discovered 151 pieces in the game. Immerse a spur in the area when one moves in the real world.

So we see such a Pokémon on the screen of the phone, you have to tap to catch it. Here, the game then accesses the camera of the mobile phone and the player has long looking with the camera around until he discovered the Pokémon. This is towed here from the game before the camera lens and the player can with a so-called Pokéball throw and catch.

Thus the fundamental principle of Pokémon Go is already explained that currently thrilled young and old. Other key features of the app are still the arenas and PokéStops.

  • arenas can be found at prominent places in the area, for example, at subway stations or special attractions. An arena can be filled by one of his captured Pokémon and let them fight it. Other players in turn can attack the occupied Arena with their Pokémon and conquer. Here, the battle between the Pokémon is performed, you can do even more through additional training.
  • PokéStops can be found as well in prominent places such as parks or restaurants in the area and they are on the map as blue squares shown. At one PokéStop players get useful items in order to make progress in the game.
In such arenas, players meet and fight with their Pokémon.In such arenas, players meet and fight with their Pokémon.

What are the positive effects of Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is successful and has evolved at all in the shortest time the most successful app. This has many reasons, but above all the motivation will go increasingly to the outside and to familiarize yourself with other players together on the hunt for Pokemon.

  • Pokémon appear in the game only when you move and active travels meters. The game is not without reason that is Pokémon GO (English &# 8220; GO&# 8221; for go) and you have to actually move and go, so Pokémon appear on the screen. Therefore, it is currently facing so many players on the streets and in parks, roam with their mobile phones at the ready the area in search of Pokémon. The mobile game so promotes displacement motor and thus the physical exercise.
  • Add to this the immense social component, which arises mainly due to the arenas and PokéStops. In the arenas you see regularly groups of players who fight each other with their Pokémon and thus get into conversation with each other. The same applies to PokéStops, because here players can (a game item called Lockmodule) use, which attracts for 30 minutes Pokémon. This is highlighted in color, and is visible to all other players in the vicinity. Since all players want to catch Pokémon, that flows each to the corresponding PokéStop and you find yourself suddenly in good company with other players who indulge all the same hobby.
  • About the PokéStops one also learns more about attractions or places that have so far never noticed one.

As Pokémon GO changed life

What are the negative effects of Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is the first game of its kind to the Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality) used in such a high degree. That is, reality and virtual game world fuse together and promote new problems to light, which so far never been seen.

  • The deflection, that is posed by smartphones already high but is exacerbated by Pokémon GO. eighth by the enormously immersive gaming experience players sometimes not to their environment and just stick to the screen while simultaneously running through the streets. Some players even drive the same bike to also not to miss any Pokémon or PokéStop. So, unfortunately, there have been incidents to accidents and even deaths due to careless players.
  • To the same extent as the Lockmodule be used to make positive acquaintances, they are used for negative purposes. So criminals have provided in the US about a PokéStop late at night with a Lockmodul and unsuspecting Spier attracted, which were then attacked. Here is generally to say that you should have a special eye on his surroundings while playing after dark. The best way is then traveling not alone, otherwise you will for easy victims of crime.
About PokéStops you learn more about previously unknown places in its vicinity.About PokéStops you learn more about previously unknown places in its vicinity.

Attention parents! Guidelines for Children

The basic game mechanics of Pokémon GO are very simple and particularly at the beginning it is best if parents and children start together into play. Children should already read and master simple math before they start with Pokémon GO. In the game, they are confronted with new objects and statistics related to the Pokémon that could overwhelm them otherwise.

Younger children can include alternatively throwing the Poké Balls into play, requiring only a targeted wiping motion. Parents can then guide you through the rest of the game and look out for Pokémon. When a child plays alone Pokémon GO and explore the surrounding area, there are some important information that you should consider as a parent.

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set up your phone suitable for children

A great danger for children is in mobile games of In-app purchases out. Pokémon GO is free, but you can buy the game currency Pokémünzen for real money to purchase additional in-game items. Children do not come here only tempted you should generally disable in-app purchases. Exactly how it works, we explain in the Guide: Turn off in-app purchases: Find it at Android and iOS

Setting up the game account properly

When Pokémon GO is started for the first time, players will be asked for her birthday and can log a Google account or Pokémon Trainer Club account subsequently. Children under 13, the Google option is not available and due to the enormous rush of players, it can cause problems when creating a Pokémon Trainer Club account.

Therefore, parents should have a another Google account for your child set up, they would not otherwise continue to use. After a successful login, the children can create their avatar and start the game. they may want to start the game directly mascot Pikachu, which only works over a little trick. How to do this, we betray the Guide: Pokemon GO: Set Pikachu as a starter Pokémon

Pikachu is the mascot of Pokémon and can also be caught in the game.Pikachu is the mascot of Pokémon and can also be caught in the game.

Safety for Children

All the important rules for children in terms of caution on the roads, the right crossing a road and pay attention to his surroundings will be forgotten when playing Pokémon GO. Therefore, it is to lead of immense importance to his child before playing a conversation and to give appropriate instructions along the way.

  • Before crossing a busy street children should plug the phone into his pocket.
  • Especially children lose all too much in games and should go out not alone with the smartphone. A group of friends sees more than an individual.
  • Regular talks with the children about their play experiences can encourage more inattention to day, the parents can then target point.

Respect for Lockmodulen!

A particular danger for children comes from Lockmodulen from, attract Pokémon for 30 minutes to a specific PokéStop. They are recognized by the pink petals that rain down on a PokéStop. Here, you can be sure that every child will storm immediately there to catch as many Pokémon as possible.

This makes always fun and children come together in one place to catch Pokémon together. However, there are also people who place a Lockmodul from evil intentions out to lure children to a certain place. Here one should therefore pay attention to criminals and sex offenders. It is advisable to point children on playing only at crowded places and get back home before dusk.

An activated Lockmodul is known by its pink flowers over the PokéStop.An activated Lockmodul is known by its pink flowers over the PokéStop.

have fun and learn

Overall, however, outweigh the positive aspects of Pokémon GO for children. Which video game else learn to go outside to explore the nature and know about PokéStops and arenas attractions zulernen. Children spend their leisure time in the open air and worry about the capture of Pokémon acquaintances with new friends.

Each common way with the child now becomes a Pokémonjagd and the Sunday outings with the family will be spiced up the road. In addition, children will tear rausbringen by Pokémon GO to otherwise unpleasant duties such as trash. It could be located a rare Pokémon in the dustbin is yes.

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