Unitymedia customers advertise: Tips to premiums and benefits

If you want new customers advertise Unitymedia, you waving a premium on successful mediation. This does not consist of products, but you can earn several hundred euros. As you can advertise their online customers whether a subsequent credit is possible and what conditions have to meet her, you read below.

Recommendations among friends enjoy higher credibility than annoying advertising. This has also been recognized Unitymedia * and involved its customers in sales: Gives you the company new customers, you can ensure you premiums. This is easy with a few clicks.

  1. The conditions to dust credits successfully
  2. The premiums if you woo new customers Unitymedia
  3. The premium models at Unity Media:
    3.1. TV
    3.2. Internet
    3.3. Combination packages
  4. Clients introduce and secure premiums - Here's how:

We show you how to cope find yourself in Unitymedia Customer Center:

2206explained simply - the Unitymedia Customer

The conditions to dust credits successfully

  • The new customer was the last three months no customer of the recommended Unitymedia fare

    Unitymedia customers advertise: Tips to premiums and benefits© Unitymedia GmbH

  • the premiums are available on exclusively for the tariffs and products this website *
  • The referred has 30 days agree time of referral-mail and order
  • Refer a customer: unfortunately there is the Premiums are not subsequently
  • applies not for tariff change and self-promotion
  • Employees are excluded

The premiums if you woo new customers Unitymedia

The amount of the premium depends on the Unity Media product, which have successfully recommended her.

The standard premium yours Credit can be up to 150 euros be.

are also Bonus Rewards possible: Does more than one recommendation within six months to conclude a contract, the premium can on up to 250 Euro increase. So there is the second successful referral to 200 euros, from the third to 250 euro.

The six months shall apply from the date on which the first recommendation was made - whether successful or not.

The premium models at Unity Media: TV, Internet, combination packages

As mentioned above, the amount of your credit depends on the value of the mediated product.

For the TV bonuses you will receive up to 55 euros credit:

1. recommendation2. recommendation3. recommendation
TV Premium35 euros45 euro55 euro
TV Comfort30 euro40 euro50 Euros
TV Plus20 Euros30 euro40 euro
TV start5 euros15 euro50 Euros
DigitalTV Allstars30 euro40 euro50 Euros
DigitalTV Highlights10 Euro20 Euros30 euro

With a recommendation from DigitalTV for different countries, for example DigitalTV Arabic, French, Russian or Turkish, get her 10 Euro for the first, 20 Euros for the second and 30 euro for the third recommendation for your friends and your family.

Even if you successfully brokered an Internet deal, waving you up to 55 euros.

These are the Internet premiums at Unitymedia - Customers recruit customers:

1. recommendation2. recommendation3. recommendation
Internet Premium 12035 euros45 euro55 euro
Internet Comfort 6030 euro40 euro50 Euros
Internet start 1020 Euros30 euro40 euro

Premiums for combination packages

The highest premium beckons you, if you successfully conveys the 3play Fly 400 fare to your friend and a contract is concluded. Here is an overview:

1. recommendation2. recommendation3. recommendation
3play Fly 400150 euros200 euros250 euro
3play Jump 120100 euros140 euros180 euros
3play Start 6080 euro120 euros160 Euros
2play Fly 400100 euros140 euros180 euros
2play Comfort 12075 euro115 Euros155 euros
2play Start 2040 euro50 Euros60 euro
Unitymedia customers advertise: Tips to premiums and benefitsSource: mady70 via Shutterstock

Elsewhere, we show you which TV programs received her with Unitymedia and how you can change in the router and wireless password. Are there problems with the MCC login, we also have solutions for you. How can you cancel at Unitymedia, learn it also in the linked article.

Clients introduce and secure premiums - Here's how:

  1. First, you just go to the official website of the telecommunications provider:
    Directly to Unity Media*
  2. There, you see all the rates listed, for you can reap a premium upon successful recommendation. You need to just right of the corresponding product on "Recommend now" link.
  3. Then you are asked whether you have full premium, or they want to share with the recipient. Choose from and click "Next".
  4. now therefore get to your data and the recipient: Full name, email address, and if you want, even a test message. Click on "Next".
  5. Now you check again your data and you can watch the Terms of Tellja GmbH ads. Before you do not accept these rules of the cooperation partner of Unitymedia, you can not "Next" button. In addition, you must also enter the security code. Have these points met her, in the last step Unitymedia Referral mail is forwarded to the receiver and you will be sent further information.

Source: mady70 via Shutterstock


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