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A detailed, endearing graphics and many development opportunities, which for months guarantee fun recipe, the strategic development of simulation Clash of Clans owes its success. To conquer a place on the list of the best, it takes quite a bit of tactical skill and of course the right troops. The dragon is controversial because it can generate high damage, but also take up much space.

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In order to involve the dragon in your warfare, you need a town hall level 7 and a barracks Level 9. The flying fire-eater has no favorite destinations and caused damage within three fields, both on the ground and in the air objects to.

Find out more about the dragon in Clash of Clans

  • The Dragons are one of the strongest forces in order to defend himself against them, it needs air defense towers on a high level.
  • As a flying unit ground forces can not harm him.
  • Its surface damage is large and you can use it wonderful to proceed efficiently against ground forces as barbarians.
  • Due to its high hit points, he can survive the attacks of mages or archers long.
  • Enrage buff enhance the effect of the dragon, healing spells are rather wasted because it has high hit points anyway.
  • The most common strategy is based on the kite to destroy first with ground troops (e.g., pigs Reiter) the air defense system.
  • In many cases, the dragons also be combined with balloons so that they absorb the hit, while the balloon attack the defense.
  • Often, players use the Clash of Clans Dragons last unit and send it off only when the other troops are destroyed. With it, you can then destroy a lot, maybe even the town hall from the air yet.
  • For many players it is unattractive, despite its strength, because it requires a lot of space.
  • Dragon attack no walls, but they can still destroy them as if attacking skeletons that are close to the wall.
  • Just like P.E.K.K.A the dragon changes its appearance at any level.

Clash of Clans Dragon

 Enhancement and cost

Leveldevelopment costsdevelopment timetraining costslaboratory leveldamagehit points
220000007 days30,00051602.1000
3300000010 days36,00061802.3000
4800000014 days42,0008th2002.5000

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