The WhatsApp smileys and their meaning

Millions of people use WhatsApp and small Emojis it daily. But with many of WhatsApp smileys the meaning is not entirely clear. What shall we tell the little pictures?

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224682WhatsApp smilies and their meaning
The colorful images are often referred to as WhatsApp smileys, but in fact they are one of the characters that are either on the iOS or Android phone already exists, or can be loaded as an app. In WhatsApp even none of these characters have been incorporated, as you can also read there in the FAQ.

So these are Emojis a keyboard character set that you can activate on your cell phone, and then use it wherever they are supported. So not only as WhatsApp smileys, but as well in messages, emails or Skype.

The meaning of some smileys

We have the importance of the weirdest WhatsApp Smileys times joined together in a photo spread for you.

List and meaning of WhatsApp Smileys

There are many other WhatsApp smileys, their significance remains unclear. In particular, the whole Japanese characters or special characters that you have to stick as a Japanese novice driver on his car, stay here without meaning. Unfortunately, you can not just delete characters. Ultimately, it will be tantamount to everyone so uses the sign as he understands them and hopes that they can be understood on the other side as well.

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Special WhatsApp smileys install?

Hardly the possibility was raised in chats to use WhatsApp and other programs smileys, there also appeared already the first apps, which wanted to expand the character set our phones. At this time the Emojis were not an integral part of the operating systems iOS or Android. However, there is a very clear disadvantage:

To be able to send their own emoji, and received, both participants must have installed the same brief! All great Emoji Apps cheat so and offer only the shipment of graphics that you can not incorporate into the text freely.

whatsapp smileys significant emojiWe can upgrade any WhatsApp smileys with clearer meaning, because they are not permanently integrated

So you can send those little pictures in which the receiver does not have to ask for special meanings WhatsApp Smiley, but only if they find their way into the general character set of all mobile phones, they can also be used by anyone.

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