Photoshop: black and white – so you color images converts

You there is a color image that want to make their black and white with Photoshop? This is obviously not a problem with the proven program. This article shows you how your image can convert with the software and what options there are doing.

Photoshop: black and white - so you color images converts

Photoshop: black and white - several roads lead to Rome

If you want to make a color image with Photoshop black and white, you can choose between several types of processing. Basically, the image is converted to a grayscale image. You decide what happens to the individual colors.

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1. Select first one of the following ways:

  • Click the Adjustments panel to the black and white icon:
Photoshop - black and white icon - CS5CS5Photoshop - black and white icon - CS6CS6



  • Or click on "Level" > "New Adjustment Layer" > "Black-and-white". Taps into the "New Layer" a title for the adjustment layer and click on "OK".

Now there is a standard gray level conversion.


Another option, however, which may come for deleting image information:

  • Click on "Image" > "Corrections" > "Black-and-white".

2. If the conversion in accordance with your wishes, decide for automatic conversion or applies a saved combination. These three ways can you choose the Properties panel in CS5 in the Adjustments panel and CS6.

  • In the "Default" menu you can you choose a preconfigured Grauenstufenmix or a previously saved mix.
  • Turns her the "Auto" option, which Graustufenmix is ​​automatically set.
  • The color sliders you can adjust the gray tones of individual colors.
  • Do you want to change a single color component, you have the pull into the picture in the image-correction tool. You can brighten the color at that location by moving the icons and darken.

3. Per preview you can see the state of affairs. Corresponding to that your ideas, you can save the image.

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download Photoshop CS6 for Windows
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Download trial - Photoshop CS6 for Mac


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