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With MacCready you get asked a real sniper aside in Fallout 4, which can cover you optimal from the removal of an elevated position. Where and how you recruit the mercenaries and what likes and dislikes MacCready has, learn it in our Companion Guide.

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MacCready one of the 13 possible companions in post-apocalyptic fiction role-playing game and is as rekrutierbarer mercenaries real weapons expert. Do you imagine well with him even a romance possible. Everything you need to know about location, strengths and the relationship enhancement, you experience the following Companion Guide. We also give you guides to the other companions in the role play.

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Fallout 4: MacCready Guide &# 8211; so you find him

You can MacCready comparatively simple and fast track. You can find him in Goodneighbor east of Diamond City. Goes to local The Third Rail in an adjoining room, where you can address the mercenaries. For him, only the language of money counts. Give him 250 Capsules and he turns you into the service. Do you have a high Charisma value, you can also still on the price 200 crowns to press.

The services of MacCready can you buy you with bottle caps.The services of MacCready can you buy you with bottle caps.

Companion Quest: Long Road Ahead

Even at your first meeting MacCready is threatened by two Gunnern. Speak a few times with him or improve the relationship through positive actions (see below) to the Companion Quest Long Road Ahead to start.

  1. Travels with MacCready to Mass Pike Interchange in the northwest of Boston.
  2. Fight done unto you by the Camp the Gunners and Winlock and Barnes.
  3. Then you have to continue to improve through postive actions related to MacCready until he speaks again to you and gives you the next quest.
  4. MacCready told you about his terminally ill son and a drug which is in Med-Tek Research are to be found.
  5. You will find this place in the north near the Malden Township.
  6. There, you'll get it with wild ghouls to do and finally finds the cure.
  7. Take it to Daisy in Goodneighbor, to complete the quest.

MacCready&# 8217; s strengths and weaknesses

Will you MacCready&# 8217; s use skills optimally, give him best at hand, because when rangers he uses you the most good sniper rifle and plenty of ammunition. Positioned her to higher places down from where he can give you cover. In the melee he is otherwise quickly to his knees and is not much help to you. Inside buildings, you should push him into the hands of even an alternative weapon.

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MacCready&# 8217; s increase relationship: likes and dislikes

MacCready evaluated solely violent action positively. So long as sufficient action takes place on the screen, you are his sympathies certainly.

Diplomatic and peaceful solving problems cause him headaches and ensures negative relationship values.

An overview of the positive and negative effects of specific individual actions you see below.

actionImpact on the relationship
Chem dependencyfallout-4-negative
donate an itemfallout-4-negative
kill a non-hostile NPCfallout-4-negative
crack foreign Castlefallout-4-positive
Successful persuasion for more Capsulesfallout-4-positive

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Romance with MacCready

You have the opportunity to MacCready enter into a relationship. simply executes as many positive actions from the table above and concludes his side quest. Then he will appeal to you again and again and you have the possibility of a romance to take with him.

Have you reached the maximum level relationship with MacCready and his side quest Long Road Ahead completed, you will receive as a reward following Skill:

  • Killshot: Your hit probability headshots in V.A.T.S. rises by + 20%.

Sets ye at maximum relationship sleep your companion during MacCready, it makes you company and you'll get after you wake up the following skill:

  • Pillow Talk: You gain + 15% experience points for a limited time.

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