Pokémon GO – PokéStops complimentary items for trainers

to catch in your real world Pokémon, is no longer a pipe dream. With Pokémon GO you can catch in passing pocket monsters and exchange. You can find three important markers on your map: Pokémon, and arenas PokéStops. The latter are points where you can make catch Pokémon from a break and get useful items &# 8211; completely free of charge.

PokéStops are you with first blue rectangles marked on the map. You go closer, they open up and a blue Pokéball icon appears. In Pokémon GO is here important places, where you will receive not only free items, but also learn more about your environment. What you should know about PokéStops in Pokémon GO, learn it in this article.

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Pokémon GO: What is a PokéStop?

Together with the arenas PokéStops include in Pokémon Go to the important places on the map. They provide you with free items, as Poké Balls or eggs. So you can with them save money, instead of you in the store to buy Pokémünzen or more items as micro-transactions. So far we were able to test the AR app only in the big city. Here you will find a lot PokéStops near you. However, as in rural areas looks, we can not tell you. In the comments you can find more info from GIGA-readers.

now buys all Order of arenas in Pokémon as pins*

you find yourself near a PokéStops, it opens and can be looted.you find yourself near a PokéStops, it opens and can be looted.

PokéStops be as you blue flying rectangles displayed on the map. You are near them, they open up and a blue Pokéball icon appears. Have you looted it, it will purple. PokéStops are se Sculptures and Monuments. We also have to billboards or stores such as restaurants found. They are a great way to learn about your surroundings in detail. If further information is available, you can click the small arrow above right click to learn more about the town.

pokemon-go-pokestop erklaerung

  1. Here you can see the name of the monument or the PokéStops.
  2. Click on the arrow to read more information about this place.
  3. Click to add this button to modules for this PokéStop.
  4. Have you turned the PokéStop, items you can tap it appear here. Taps her not to, however, they are not lost, but your inventory is added after a short time.
  5. Lit it here purple, you have already plundered the PokéStop. Is it blue, you can still loot.
  6. is your Bag already full, can you take no more items from a stop. The EP will you usually nevertheless credited.

What you should know about PokéStops

PokéStops are in your real world. Other players see the same places as you. Run it with a friend by your environment, you can both loot the PokéStop. They have a cooldown &# 8211; So wait a moment until ye can turn again. We could not yet fix no fixed time for &# 8211; at least 5 minutes you have to wait, however.

Also in the evening (from 19 am) PokéStops are marked on your map.Also in the evening (from 19 am) PokéStops are marked on your map.
  • Use public transportation. Especially buses are well suited to get past some PokéStops and looting quickly. but you have to be quick, before your character moved.
  • The following Items get her with PokéStops: Poké Balls (also super and Master Balls &# 8211; However, this is very rare), eggs, berries, potions etc.
  • Your even get EP, if you PokéStops looting. her Lootet him for the first time, you get more experience than the second time.
  • Lootet her PokéStops, you can also Medals to earn. For that you have to reach a certain number of stops. You see this best in your player profile and to scroll down.
  • Also in rural areas PokéStops are available.
  • You are more likely to see on your map as arenas.
  • You can also PokéStops modules equip. You have a free module slot on which a PokéStop module can be installed. About microtransactions you can only so far Lockmodule buy coins. Uses them in PokéStops located near you to always catch new monsters. But also about Level-ups of your character get her Lockmodule.
Lockmodule cost you Pokémünzen and attract more Pokémon to PokéStops.Lockmodule cost you Pokémünzen and attract more Pokémon to PokéStops.

Create a PokéStop or sign &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

For various reasons, you can check out the Support of Niantic, the manufacturer of Pokémon GO Report. Will you, for example, delete your account, or change the name of you, you must also contact the support. The relief team of Niantic has a short time Available in German. Unfortunately, some contents have not yet been translated.

here goes&# 039; s it to the form in Niantic Support*

Click on the button to go directly to the form of support. Here you can not only create PokéStops but can also delete. Do you live in a village where there no arena or no PokéStops are, the creators of Pokémon GO worry about it. In this form you have to answer as accurately as possible. Wherefore ye example, not only the name of the PokéStops, but also his address and the Latitude and longitude. However, the latter is not mandatory.

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As a reason for your request you have several options to choose from:

  • Problems and inquiries concerning. The arenas and the fighting in
  • Hazardous arenas or PokéStops
  • No arenas or PokéStops near you
  • Arena or PokéStop does not exist, but you appear
  • PokéStops is my personal property such as your house
In this PokéStop a Lockmodul is attached, which for 30 minutes brings wild Pokémon you and other players.In this PokéStop a Lockmodul is attached, which for 30 minutes brings wild Pokémon you and other players.

Read on us, where you can find what kind of Pokémon in Pokémon GO and especially how their Pokémon catch.

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