Kaspersky System Checker Download

The Kaspersky System Checker Download performs a comprehensive scan of your system and show you problems and weaknesses both in terms of performance and in terms of security.

the by Kaspersky System Checker Download delivered report includes both data on your system, as well as any browser extensions and installed applications. The Kaspersky System Checker Download requires no installation. This gives you the option to copy the tool on request on a USB stick and run from the latter on any computer.

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Kaspersky System Checker

Kaspersky System Checker Download: a diagnostic run perform

After you downloaded Kaspersky System Checker and have started, you just pressed the button "Run Diagnostics" to start checking your system. While the test is running, you can it if you want by clicking the "Stop and show results" pause and let you see the results, or can you display the test results during the test run using the link "View results during the scan" her.

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Once Kaspersky System Checker has finished, you can you click through the displayed window, tab through the results. Under "Detected Items" problems found your system and a related approach, you appear. Under the "System Info" you can view their information about your system, and installed browser extensions and applications. Under "Additional Info" you can find various information about your system configuration. You can watch the results of the system check on request via the button "Save Report" to save as a report.

  • Displays system problems
  • Provides solutions to
  • Resolves itself no problems
  • English only

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