Alternatives to Apple Watch: This Smart Watches are compatible with the iPhone (Overview)


Wellograph: The Wellness SmartWatch

Also the Wellograph refers to Fitness disciples. However, in contrast to the Withings Activité this has other sensors is activity tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch. All this packed into a Stainless steel and aluminum. The monochrome 1.26-inch low-power display (backlit) lies under a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

wello_dockWellograph: Monitors also sleep and comes with a docking station.

Of the Battery of Wellograph *Alternatives to Apple Watch: This Smart Watches are compatible with the iPhone (Overview) keeps all seven days and is recharged by means of a docking station within one hour. Waterproof to a depth of 50 meters it is. In short, a sort of "digital" and slightly expanded version of the Withings Activité.

Why the Wellograph?

  • quality housing and materials
  • Heart rate monitors installed
  • waterproof up to 50 m
  • better mileage than the Apple Watch (7 days)

What speaks against the Wellograph?

  • Smart functions are limited to fitness Tacking
  • Support for third-party apps questionable
  • for the functions provided relatively high price (about 350 euros)
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Buy Wellograph: Prices

  • Wellograph wellness SmartWatch from Amazon *Alternatives to Apple Watch: This Smart Watches are compatible with the iPhone (Overview) (About 350 euros, available in black chrome and silver satin)

Alcatel OneTouch Watch: Future Preisbrecher


At this year's CES in January, the French manufacturer Alcatel surprised with its own smart watch. The Onetouch Watch has a (though not full-format) round, color display (1.22 inches), similar to the Moto 360 or LG Watch R. Equipped with an armada of sensors and corresponding App connections it presents itself as another alternative to Apple Watch as well as explicit as to iOS 7 and iOS compatible awarded 8th In particular, their angepeilter price of 100 Euro is causing a stir. Whether this discount offer can actually convince but we will find out later. Still, there is no definite date for launch (During the first quarter of 2015) and we therefore no estimate compared to the Apple Watch.

Summary: Alternatives to Apple Watch

the current offer is on Smart Watches for iPhone Very clear - expressed diplomatically. They usually do not compete directly with the Apple Watch, mainly because their functionality is limited or they focus on only a few applications. The exception: Pebble. The former Kickstarter project has won a variety of app supporters. Even this, now older models are suitable for everyday use and cheaper than the Apple Watch are they all, but it also lacks them on the functionality of the Apple Watch.

watch lovers however, we recommend a look at the Withings Activité (Pop). Even as a "normal" time indicator makes pure optically appealing.

bluetooth_uhrenOnly partly an alternative: "Bluetooth watches" with coupling option for iPhone.

Explicitly not addressed, we have been appropriate at this point "Bluetooth watches" - "Smart Watches" with proprietary systems (or Android) that act as a Bluetooth headset for iPhone and also limited offer additional functions via the Bluetooth protocol. Is there already for a few euros on the "China-crawling table" on Amazon *Alternatives to Apple Watch: This Smart Watches are compatible with the iPhone (Overview), but do not offer any own apps or the like.

At the end is the realization: Judging by the available equipment and facilities in its entirety, it can actually absorb any of the alternatives to the Apple Watch. But who specifically looks at specific properties, especially the battery performance, which can be quite happy with the alternatives shown here - a matter of perspective.

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