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Battle Born is the new shooter spectacle of Gearbox Software, who have already proved with the Borderlands series their skills. In the hero-shooter you choose from 25 heroes and graduated with them the story missions and various multiplayer modes. To help you get started in the game, we give you in this guide tips and help for Battle Born.

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Battle Born allow yourself the level up your heroes for their addition gathers new and powerful equipment in the game. While there is also a story mode for single player, but this can you also complete with up to four friends in Co. The core of the game are the multiplayer modes, where you against each antretet in teams of heroes. Below, we give you useful tips for getting started in Battle Born.

Battle Born: Beginner Tips and Tricks

Away from the story there in Battle Born three major multiplayer modes in which you accompanied similar to Moba AI-controlled minions and you have to kill enemy minions to win ultimately.

  • Raid: Here, it is hostile sentinels of the victory to destroy. Ensures that you attack only concentrated power along with the Minions, otherwise you are easy cannon fodder.
  • Melt: Your Minions have to sacrifice in a particular place in enemy territory. To make this possible, led her to go there and kill on the way enemy minions and players.
  • Capture cards: must in which it points conquer the map and defend against other players Classic Domination mode.
In robbery matches can build their guns that automatically fire at enemies.In robbery matches can build their guns that automatically fire at enemies.

Characters and heroes

25 heroes associated with launch of Battle Born is available. There are also 5 other DLC characters, which will be published in the near future. Do you play with these heroes, it rises gradually to the command rank, with their level up each character individually. This it turns you new characters free and get access to additional functions such ridicule types. More you read in the Guide: Battle Born: Unlock characters and heroes.

Helix and traditions

in the helix switched her about mutations new upgrades in every match free. This happens when reaching the character positions 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12. Then you have the choice between each two upgrade options, depending on your preferred style of play.

Here you can choose about whether Ambra heals allies with her staff or withdraws life force of enemies.Here you can choose about whether Ambra heals allies with her staff or withdraws life force of enemies.

There is also the sub-item traditions, in which you unlock by completing the specific challenges new equipment and ridicule types for each character. So it pays to keep this in mind and to meet for the bonuses.

legendary equipment

By achieving commando Rank 3 you have access to your Equipment and loadouts. Here you can equip three items that give you bonuses to your abilities. New loadouts switched her freely through level rises. You should always keep in mind and adapt to the situation in the game your equipment.

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For more tips and tricks

  • Before you into battle, choosing your hero is pending. Selects here the character that corresponds to your playing style best. You can in the selection screen has a view of the Helix throw every hero and choose your favorite on the basis of skills.
  • Successfully complete story mode before multiplayer to know its game mechanics and strengths and weaknesses of each hero.
  • Keep both both Story and multiplayer mode your mission objectives always in mind by a yellow diamonds are identified. Only frags you will not achieve victory and must therefore think goal-oriented.
  • As in most multiplayer games will only good teamwork and coordination with other players in Battle Born to success and of course more fun. So use the Chat and Push-to-Talk, which you can set in the options.
  • Sold equipment that you no longer need. The tab equipment in the command Center can you sell it and you buy it more useful items.
  • We encourage you to radar to fix the game and have always point north, as this helps more with orientation. You can align the radar in the gameplay options to the north.
  • The minimap is an important tool in Battle Born and her she should always keep in mind. Here you enemy movements, sentry and various minions are displayed.

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