Surface Pro 4 disassembled into parts: Smaller Battery & poor repairability

The Surface Pro 4 is available since yesterday in the US and Canada and has now been broken down already by iFixit in a teardown into its component parts. The company thus provides an insight into the new Windows 10 tablet and also assess the repairability. but it would probably surprise anyone that this continues to be very moderate fails. The Surface Pro 4 can only be very bad repair and has therefore received only 2 out of 10 possible points. Self employed you will probably can not open the tablet. The risk of damage is just too big.% 7B% 22button_type% 22% 3A% 22text% 22% 2C% 22button_sub_type% 22% 3A% 22% 22% 2C% 22error% 22% 3A% 22% 22% 2C% 22link% 22% 3A% 22http% 3A% 5C % 2F% 5C% 5C% 2Fgo% 5C% 22% 2C 2F1cdgu%%% 22% 22nofollow 3Afalse% 2C% 22icon_before_text% 22% 3A% 22% 22% 2C 22% 22text%% 3A% 22Surface + Pro + 4 + and + accessories% 5Cu00f6r + pre% 22% 2C% 22tracking_type% 22% 3A% 22Textbutton% 22% 2C% 22tracking_html_code% 22% 3A% 22onclick% 3D% 5C% 22require% 28% 5B% 27module% 5C % 2Ftracking% 27% 5D% 2C + function% 28tracking% 29 +% 7B + tracking.trackEvent% 28% 7Bcategory% 3A +% 27Transaction + button + sidebar + text button% 27% 2C + action% 3A + GIGA_AREA% 2C + optional label% 3A + POST_META.TYPE% 7D% 29% 3B% + 7D% 29% 3B% 5C% 22 + data-gtm% 3D% 5C% 22_trackEvent% 5C% 22 + data-gtm category% 3D% 5C% 22Transaction + button + sidebar + text button% 5C% 22 + data-gtm action% 3D% 5C% 22windows% 5C% 22 + data-gtm label% 3D% 5C% 22hardware% 5C% 22 + data-gtm value% 3D% 5C% 22% 5C% 22 + data-gtm non-interaction% 3D% 5C% 22true% 5C% 22% 22% 2C% 22sponsored% 22% 3Atrue% 7D

Surface Pro 4 disassembled into parts: Smaller Battery & amp; poor repairability

Surface Pro 4 in the teardown of iFixit

The Surface Pro 4 is similar to the Surface Pro 3 built and can also be just as difficult to open. First you have to warm up a page to get the adhesive used there soft. Only in this way can be a sucker an edge slightly lift to get enough space, so you can solve the sides with another tool. As with the last generation you have there very carefully and slowly proceed. Too much pressure the display breaks immediately and you have to order costly spare parts. The display is also the most expensive part of the tablet with the smallest Intel Core m3 configuration.

Surface Pro 4 iFixit-Teardown_03

When the display is removed, you have to pay attention to two cables that are connected to the motherboard. If you have solved this, can be completely removed and you get a glimpse of the internal components, the display.

Surface Pro 4 iFixit-Teardown_02

The teardown of iFixit confirmed at last final that the surface is cooled Pro 4 with Intel Core processor m3 completely passive. Where would sit with the larger models, the fan, the area has remained empty. In this picture, the new cooling structure is also very good to see. The 4.5-watt processor is so effectively cooled and there are in any situation sounds. The cooler stretches even beyond the battery, which is thus more difficult to achieve. Microsoft begins like but the emerging heat that comes from the battery, and therefore reduces further heat source in the thin casing.

Surface Pro 4 iFixit-Teardown_04

The right of the battery is found the SSD from Samsung, which is actually quite easy to reach. A replacement or augmentation would be theoretically possible if the display would not stick so massive. Sun is simply too great a risk that the display is damaged on opening.

If you have removed the radiator and the other covers, you get access to the battery and other components, which can then be again relatively easily replaced.

Surface Pro 4 iFixit-Teardown_05

Overall, the battery coincides with 5087 mAh 9% less than it did in the Surface Pro 3 with 5,547 mAh. To actually get to the battery, these components must also be removed. In addition, the battery is glued to the housing to remain in position. A simple exchange is hardly possible here. basically you have to disassemble the entire Surface Pro 4 to get to the battery whose life time is limited. Even so, the Surface Pro 4 reaches only 2 out of 10.

Surface Pro 4 iFixit-Teardown_01

What do you say to the Surface Pro 4 teardown by iFixit?

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